Hi All,  I've only just joined this site and already I appear to have been targeted for spamming, as described in Ed Hubbards notice.  The person responsible goes by the name of Rita Desmond and the email address she put in her communique to me is - Ritababy25real@yahoo.com.  So just be on your guard.


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thanks I dont know them but will be on the look out MP
Have you contacted Ning about banning by IP address? This would be much harder for them to change regularly than an e-mail address.
What happens if you opened it already and didn't realize it was spam?
Theses types of emails don't have a virus in them. They are just trying to get you to respond. If you don't respond, you will be fine.
Here is another spam to avoid joybaby25real@hotmail.com
Never actually see a real person with "real" in their email address.
It would seem that Ms. Desmond is still at large - I joined yesterday and there were 2 comment notices in my Inbox - one from "precious.desmond@yahoo.com" - the other from "rose4love_desmond@yahoo.com". Seems she likes to target men who have just joined...Interestingly, when I went to view the comments, they were gone - either the poster removed them immediately after posting or a mod removed them. This person clearly has a lot of time on her hands - she's creating new email addys for the sole purpose, it seems, of phishing this site.

Sooo....I'm off to delete the offending messages...

take care - Chris
She targeted me and I'm a female. I caught on after the second one popped up saying the same thing as the first.
Same here 3 x by same person under 3 different names all ending in desmond though. but like tech support said yahoo and other email engines let you have unlimited accounts.
This person is spamming sites all over the internet. She has already been removed from our site... again. We have repeatedly removed her, but since yahoo and other sites allow her unlimited email accounts she just keeps returning. It is not ning that should ban her IP address it is yahoo. I have reported her to the abuse email at yahoo, but they are stonewalling me, asking me to send an email for each email address this woman is using. If you want to report her to yahoo, you can send an email to abuse@yahoo.com with her email address that she used in her message to you. I am sure they are ignoring me because they don't want to be held accountable. I doubt they will act, but the more emails they get, the more apt they are to do something. If you need any information on her email addresses, let me know.

We do not want to resort to a closed membership to the site, but may have to consider that at some point. Most often someone reports spam to us and we can remove the person as soon as possible. We also check on memberships periodically to make sure we have no spammers on the site. I really don't want to make this site membership by approval only. So if everyone would just not respond to her and delete her messages, maybe we can keep this site open and win against her and others like her. Thanks for your patience.
I also don't want to see you resort to a closed membership for the site. I've seen other Ning networks do it and they lost too much traffic.

Let's look at this spam as a chance for our members to practice ignoring people and things that irritate them. This will go a long way in helping them in every aspect of their lives.

We shouldn't complain, we shouldn't seek vengeance, we should just stop feeding spammer's and troll's attention. That is the quickest way to take their power over us away from them.
I've gotten two of these messages with a different sender each time. DO NOT reply to them - they are scam artists!





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