While I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday I picked up a book called Wiccapedia by Shawn Robbins and Leanna Greenaway. As I tend to do before I consider buying a book or reading it, I did some research on the authors.

Turns out the main author, Shawn Robbins, has been soliciting people on the Harry Potter forums telling them that the next step for them is Wicca!

He has said things like, "Harry Potter books have helped create millions of newbe witches and warlocks find the true meaning of life." and "My book, WICCAPEDIA is written for all ages as it takes off where Harry Potter left and teaches everyone about Wicca." ...which I think are completely offensive and if I was a parent I'd kick this guy's ass for pushing his religion on my impressionable kids who love Harry Potter, a work of fiction.

This is one of his postings on the forum and you can see my response at the bottom as 'darlingstewie' ... I would love to hear what you guys think about this.


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Lark hit the nail on the head with this post.

"Angelic wicca" - let's at least acknowledge that they're an Abrahamic entity and more specifically popularized in Christian describing a messenger of their 1 god - not a dual Godhead. That I think is a big difference between Wicca and Abrahamic religions.

Technically, an angles is just a demon that acts as messenger of god. What god? depends on the interpretation of the observer, therefore, the tile "angel" is aplicable in all religions, whatever is called an angel will just depend on the personal belifs of the observer.

Drakill is right an angel could be a spirit Guide referred to as an angel. Or Higher self Messenger in some cases.

Depending on how you see things.

Agreed; there's no need to get hung-up on labels and names for things, as long as we know what we're really referring to.

Anyone else think this might be a plot by the conservative christians to point out and say
"AHA! Harry Potter equals Wicca! DEVIL WORSHIP, BAN THE BOOKS!"


EDIT: Also i applaud the wiccans that have posted to discredit Shawn. Serves him right. We don't need more idiot "Wiccan" authors tainting the already hurt religion.

Oh god that would be the kicker! Haha. I could totally see that.

I'm just on a completely gnostic mission to find the best information out there about wicca and I feel like half the books on the bookshelf are being discredited by someone and I have to reference and cross reference everything...

I know..it's annoying but soon the work will pay off...o;

This guy seems like some sort of crack-pot just trying to rip kids off. I think that he will eventually find that he is incurring a rather large karmic debt instead.

Just my two cents.

I admit, my initial comments were hasty, un-thought out, and just plain "dumb". If I felt that I didn't have enough time, at the time, to explain myself fully, I should have just kept my mouth shut and waited until I could; see below.
My bad.

( sigh ) can someone tell me why people are down on things they have not researched , and know nothing about ?

This is my main "beef" with this whole thing about Wiccapedia, Shawn and Leanna.

Not only do I find the way in which they promote this book to be a bit cheesy and self-aggrandizing, but I also find it a bit disturbing that they seem to be baiting new, young readers with a metaphorical "Harry Potter" lollypop. The whole "white witch" thing also bothers me because it starts to play into the pop-culture stereotypes of who and what witches are.

The title of the book, "Wiccapedia", in this age of Wikipedia and whatever other "pedias" that are out there, implies to the unsuspecting novice or child, that this is a well versed, complete and authoritative volume of Wiccan knowledge. That, in itself, smacks of predatory commercial opportunism and a lack of seriousness.

I will admit that I have not read the book in question, nor do I know the two gals who wrote it. They may indeed be very sincere and very capable witches. If that is the case, perhaps they need to rethink their marketing strategy. Otherwise, they are going to join the long list of other "spell-for-a-buck" witches that clog up my spam filters.

It may be true that I don't know what I'm talking about. After all, I have only been exploring Wicca for about a year and a half and I would never consider myself to be a witch; yet anyway. But I do have a long history (decades) with other mystical practices, with initiatory and magickal elements within them, and have developed a keen sense of smell for whenever something stinks.

I love books, the sharing of knowledge, philosophical discussion and debate. I even love discussing topics with people that I disagree with (as long as its civil), because even if I still disagree, I still usually learn something form the exchange. I am not immune to being proven wrong and changing my mind about something occasionally; my ego is not bullet proof, but what does bother me a bit, is a quick sarcastic remark with no explanation behind it. It serves no purpose, nor does it convey a sharing of wisdom nor trust; it lacks love.

Just my humble perspective on this,
Brightest Blessings,

I feel that it is quite offensive to me. Considering the fact that I love HP books and I would be absolutely upset if my children choose Wicca just for the simple fact that these two authors wrote a book that was based on HP. If I was J.K. Rollins I would also be upset that my story was used in this fashion. I also have not read the book in question, however, I feel it wrong to solicit children in any fashion. I feel that the only people this would help are people who are looking for it seriously. I remember many kids in my middle and high school who were totally into Wicca simply because they were rebelling against their christian parent's beliefs. I found Wicca in the same matter but after having Christianity shoved down my throat all my life I was done. Especially with not only controversial acts within the churches, and don't get me wrong I have been to multiple churches, they were all the same. They would say one thing and do another, I did not like the contradiction, the politics behind it, or any of the beliefs. (e.g. were fighting this war in the name of God.)

I digress, I feel that although this book may have helped me, I am not 100% sure as I have not read the book myself. I therefore have reached a conundrum. I guess I can see both sides of the situation. As a writer I would not like it, and as a Wiccan, I agree that we do not need any more bad press because of some writers who want to "recruit" more people to Wicca. In the end most of them like the kids in my middle and high school will just end up leaving.

Leave HP alone he has his wife children and friends and has done enough for his world. Let him live in peace.

All my Blessing to everyone.





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