This new lifetime Horror Movie called The Gathering Part 1?

Ok So im all excited to have my movie night right? and its been a long time since i watched scary movies so i decide to give this one a go. got the popcorn popping the noodles near the pc, everything is going fabulously and im getting scared dont get me wrong it really makes you gasp with an excalamation point BUT in the movie it starts to talk about Wicca. and it dont just say magick or witchcraft cuz i would have tolerated that. it specifically says Wicca , And Neo Paganism. Right now im like Girrrrrrl please i did not come here to be discriminated against by some actors i dont even know i came here to be scared! ok you might have done that right, but your stepping over the line and its getting personal! like whats wrong with these people? You could do a story about some dark witch with black powers and black magick and stuff thats all right. but when you specifically mention an existing religion and call it a cult and just putting it in a bad light like how does that happen? why is that even allowed? girl you better believe if they was talkin about the muslims or the jews in a bad way they would have to drag their sorry corpses over to the courthouse. And they messed up my movie night. Child please, lifetime, really? thats below the belt as far as im concerned.

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I tried watching that but I only lasted 5 minutes. Just couldn't get into it. Glad I missed all the witch bashing.




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