Trefoil, Vervain, John's Wort, Dill Hinder Witches of their Will.

I was wondering if anyone was familiar with this old rhyme, and is there any validity to it? I am constantly in contact with clover, and yum yum, I love dill pickles LOL.


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laughs then surly the dill will protect you . as for hearing it , nope I never. trefoil over lapping rings , perhaps the self as a whole, vervain/verbena , will promote a goods nights rest, wonderful as a tonic for the liver kidneys, well known to magicians.
st.Johns another protection herb gathered at midsummer well associated with all [ fire spirits ] the name in greek means " over an apparition ' . it was said to protect the home from lightening and bad storms . was used often in fire places and wood burning stoves. BB
Aha! Thanks, Fantum.

We have a lot of "sweet-clover" or "sour-grass" in our yard, and quite honestly, I eat it. On a hot day, when I am cutting grass, it takes the edge off a thirst! It seems to recharge my electrolytes, and I have used it since I was a kid. Short of being poisoned, I don't think that anything can "rob your will" but one's own lack of faith.

Blessings. Sister.
Hay Larry I did not know a soul was here lol, I think everyone has moved to FB , thats so true. popped into chat my first time since I have been on this site . now thats bored lol. I know my dogs use this as a med for the tummy , but I have never eaten , I suppose, like seaweed ? its general use is for problems with the digestive track in some cases its even being used as a cancer it gotta be good for ya.
It's actually quite good, and it reminds me a little of lemon.

And as to FB: is that what happened to everyone? You are right, this place is as dead as dead can be!

Yes . . . I usually get notices of your blogs in my email :)
I had an ice cream cone, Elise. (Mm! Good!).
Yes, I have noticed this to. I think it is the slowness of the Hot summer the Thickened Veil and all of that.

This is not my favorite time of year But I am not one that gripes much about weather either.

As a long time construction Worker I learned to just deal with what is there.

But there our Differences.

In the Autumn Just as the heat Breaks and the cool air comes in that to me is Magick, I love the Autumn. It is a spiritual and Contemplative time, an Internally creative time for me personally.

Ok, I found this:

Sir Walter Scott in his poem, “The Nativity Chant,” wrote the following:

Trefoil, vervain, John’s Wort, dill,
Hinders witches of their will.

During the Burning Times, a handful of St. John’s Wort was often stuffed into an accused witch’s mouth to force her to confess

Along with choking someone half to death, yeah, I guess that would work. :(
And then there is this:

Vervain and dill lend aid to will.

Hm, contradictions, anyone?
what spirit , goddess, deity etc , connect with this herb ? bring forth ? summon ? help . possible .
lol, now that it might do, if you have no water, laughs . term ' witch ' I dont know what he was implying [ usage ] ? lots of superstition back then , and terms change [ meanings ].
Yeah, I thought about that. I'm sure that Scott was drawing on old lore for his poem, and in those days a "witch" was a mythical being who slept with the Christian devil, Satan.




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