Can you become a vampyre ? If so , how ?

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when it comes to vampires you first need to ask yourselves am I willing to die for what I believe in ? An ancient text it talks about the first wife of Adam which was Lilith. It is said that when Lilith left the Garden of Eden Angels were sent by God to bring her back but she decided not to go back to the Garden of the and therefore became the mother of Demons. In ancient texts it talks about after Cain killed his brother Abel he left the Garden of Eden and laid with Lilith and Lilith gave him the abilities of a vampire. It is said that the children of Cain and Lilith are actually the first to vampires and where vampires come from. But I have spoken to some friends of mine that live in South Africa and that have told me about churches and South Africa where the people are considered vampires. But as for giving you a spell or ritual to turn you into a vampire I do not believe that anyone here will be able to help you.Do to the fact that this will bring you great harm and we do not see causing harm to anyone especially in this manner.

In my experience, vampires are confused spirits that feed off your energy and possess you in order to have a bit of fun ruining your life. There's nothing glamorous about that. There's nothing that makes you special or superior to others.


If you want to be powerful and special, learn to cast vampires out of yourself and out of your life. Perhaps you'll even be powerful enough someday to cast vampires out of the lives of others.

The question was interesting, it is a shame that no one has given a proper response but had prefered passing and expressing moral judgments by thinking that Jennifer Sizemore, who had asked the question, wanted to be a vampire herself.


Personnaly I only see a general question, nothing else. Unfortunatly I am unable to answer it. Maybe someone could ?

since we do not know this person and the reason why she is asking for this let us see what she will need to do first. First you will need a Medicines that slow down the brain or nervous system, such as opioid pain relievers, tranquilizers, sedatives, sleeping pills, antidepressants, muscle relaxers, antihistamines, phenothiazines, anesthetic medicines, and alcohol can cause worse side effects if taken with carbamazepine.. But remember you are wanting to take enough of this medication that will completely stop all blood cells from reproducing. Which also means that you will  need to stop your heart from beating  completely so it will stop producing blood cells. At this time you will be clinically in  legally dead. But let me remind you that is what you are looking for. But let me also remind you that committing suicide in the United States is a legal matter so if you do not properly killed yourself you will be convicted by the law once you get out of the hospital. But there are also other methods of trying to book him a vampire and live for eternity. But this is just one of the ways that you can practice on becoming a vampire.

What the hell. Really, we're talking of a person who might, if not by open-mindness then ignorance, listen to your advise and trust you blindly. And you are telling her to commit suicide. Seriously man.
well yes really. she wants to know how to become a become a vampire this is what you need to do. But if you read read what I said I did give her a warning and tell her that to become a vampire you must die. But if that is what she is willing to do then it is her free will. But I do not condone that is why there are other methods as worshiping the  Goddess Lilith and asking followers of her this type of question. Was it not someone that said it is a shame that no one has given her a proper response to her question. So therefore I have given her a proper response to what medications that she will need to take to undergo what she is asking for.
You're suggesting she commits suicide so she can chase a fantasy. I thought you were trolling, i now just realize you're a massive moron (And that just because i can't use other words). She could actually listen you your advise and try to kill herself to try to be a vampire, it has happened before

Your quote Ocean Witch " I have given her a proper response to what medications she will need to take to undergo what she is asking for"

I understand that you make a second point about seeking through "The Goddess Lilith" and all BUT your answer is "Whack " and irresponsible.

I take my religious path seriously (yes though it is eclectic I am always on the Search) and as well with humor but what you speak of and then defend again is not religion or humor it is sad and dangerous this is an impressionable seeker and you just say "It is her free will"

Bad form, irresponsible speech and just pathetic judgment in my opinion- Sparrow



I am not sure of your motivations (Maybe humorous) but please be more cautious than to tell a 14 year old Girl to die of weird drug Vampire stuff. As I do not know you I keep my citicism light for now.

I understand part of it was a warning but be careful man. This sounded like a goofy detailed description of how to become a Vampire to those who may not know that Vampire's are not what the "Twilight" betrays.

Do not mistake this nonsense for real religious practice,

You must reconsider, you must not talk of such things such as death of bloodcells by pills .I am not doing combat with you I am just saying remember that this is a real girl.

If it was my Little sister I would have been Pissed off Beyond the language of this debate.

I am keeping it civil, Check Yourself next time ,That is all I am saying




Nice try at being confrontational, Serendipity.


or do you mean nice try at trying to share knowledge about something that I  study. It seems like there is a lot of people that I have come across that do not understand the abilities behind witchcraft or the powers behind the gods and goddesses. But of course we also have to remember that a lot of people that are here have never worked with black magic,voodoo or even know about different religious police around the world.And of course I know a lot of people have never heard of the star of the East coven.
Gosh, if I had known that people could not behave themselves on this forum, I surely would not have asked anything ....




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