Hello I would like to design a virtual alter but have no idea where to start any ideas? How would one go about making somthing like this for a website?

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Check out http://www.spiralgoddess.com

They've got some good ideas :)
Thank you for this website information!!
Blessed Be~
Thanks for this link Orion.

Blessed Be!
Do thouse things work? I would say a virtual altar would be pretty useless for the average person, i don't think anyone in today's world can make one work properly. You know, the altar manages energy, there actually is a substancial effect in the area of the altar, truly substance moves within the space. That is why it works. In a virtual altar... there is nowhere for there to be such energy, the materials that channel it aren't there.

Or maybe i don't get the idea of a virtual atlar at all?
I would think that there would be a lot of energy involved as the internet itself is nothing but a flow of information coming from many minds and converging into its own space. I hadn't thought about it until I read your reply. Now I am very much intrigued by the idea of "feeling" out a space for energy. I know there are some who have called them selves Techno-Witches it makes a bit more sense now.
I beliieve that virtual tools are better than no tools at all. The first degree lessons teach (and I concur) that even though the tools and space become empowered through us, the real power is indeed within ourselves. A virtual altar can help us to get in touch with our higher selves when we are away from our actual altar. I also have learned that there is not as much difference in the way that the real universe operates from the way in which the digital world functions. .___________. Zeroes, or spaces, depending on the computer language we use, and marks (or ones) are very much like the particles which make up the universe, existing at the same time as both wave potential and particle.

Yes, not as good as the real thing,, but a nice thing to have on a laptop when travelling.
Once upon a time when I was still able to play it, I had a virtual altar in Second Life in my room that a friend let me have. I created posters for the room and things for the windows to make them like stained glass images. I had a table with tools and it was the most amazing place to me, though sparce in terms of any other furniture. At the time I was unable to have a real altar space and in that virtual world I was able to work freely.

I'm not sure how to make one on a website, but virtual or material, the altar will have as much power to it as you give it in its creation.

I had an idea of creating a mod for the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I like the game, and see many possibilities for it, even though it is 5 years old and a new game is coming out this year. I downloaded the "construction set" which is an official modder's resource, but it looks like I'll need a lot of learning time to create a circle, altar, and altar tools. But, from what I have seen it would be easily done by someone who is experienced at it.





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