I started this on the general website feature, and so so many great answers, that I felt it needed to be added as a discussion. This is meant as supportive and understanding, so please tell us what your psychic ability is.

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Magick is more when you are directing spiritual energy into making a certain result come about. Like making all the lines look right in a chinese sand garden. You want everything to line up perfect, and you get a peaceful feeling of completion. Sry if that is too vauge, it was the imagry I was after on that one. Yes I mean sencing. For each of the 6 sences(We count the spiritual being as having both sides, also)there is a physical side(the side we notice) and a spiritual side(the side most count as that side feeling in the back of their being). Clairvoyance(seeing), Clairsentience(feeling), etc.I would look into the classes here at wsi, to get some good info on this topic. Again consistancy is the key to success. Same meditation-time, same med-place.A person can make the choice to walk away from their abilities, completly, if they want, you just stop listening to those feelings, but I think we can all agree here, that listening just tends to be the easier way, in the end. Bright Blessings Evan
Yes I'll definately look into the classes. Thanks again, though I actually just meant to ask are the 'sences' like 'magick' in the aspect that it is spelled differently to point out it isn't the same as senses or magic.
Sorry, I do tend to get alittle carried away. My apologies for the misunderstanding. I understand now, no actually I think I might have simply spelled it wrong, this time, unless someone else ever reads this, and can tell us for sure, because I do know if there is a spelling and meaning the way you mean. There could be.
Ive noticed my abilities with animals, its hard to explain but in a basic sense i have a connection with animals, its not just cats and dogs, its birds, squirrels, deer, even shy fox around my area. I found my ability when my mom died when I was 14, a personal experience happened to me the afternoon my mom was found, a little humming bird stayed near me until i said goodbye, my mom's favorite bird. It's something that i have used in my understanding nature more
Since I was a teenager, I've had "claircognignance" or "clear knowing" or "short-term precognition" when something is about to happen. I had it when I was a softball pitcher and could tell if the ball I was about to pitch would be a ball or a strike. Or when someone was about to call on the telephone. I predicted my father about to get a room at a nursing home just a moment before someone walked in with the news; I barely got the words out of my mouth. I've gone off on a cross-country trip and suddenly remembered that I forgot all of my maps and classified ads, to suddenly look over and see my parents racing to catch up to me to bring them. THAT'S either reading someone's mind, or what??? I'm learning to be a medium and have done pretty well with it so far. But I'm always learning...
Wow Crescent! We have alot in common! Let me know if I can help you with anything while you are learning! BB
Great question!! I am a Clairvoyant Medium! Clairvoyant (sees clearly) colors my spirit. I scry on anything possible! Sometimes I scry not even knowing Im doing it. *(eg. In the clouds, in mirrored windows, puddles of water ect.) I am a medium which sometimes interferes with my daily life! Spirits not only will talk to me but they have been know to pester me aswell. I never see more then one at a time and generally they do not want anything at all -other then to be recognized. I had many “imaginary friends growing up” and many I still interact with today. I see peoples auras when I ask to. Which gives me a lot of insight to the person or living thing. I have come along way with my abilities in that I know how to shut them off now! Lol Beacause of my ability I find it very easy to perform palm, tarot and crystal ball readings! I am very opinionated and I think that comes from my spirit guides. Many women in my family (dated pretty far back) have had the same abilities! Often I have dreams that are a clear message. I have made many jaws drop with my knowledge of pregnancy and the gender of the unborn child. I have always lived on this realm and I do have past memories of being sacrificed for my beliefs!
I have read several of the comments made but I am still curious about our many "gifts". The question I want to ask is why is it that when some people speak of witchcraft, people of religious beliefs say it is evil, that God frowns apon these things? My mother has spoken that it is a gift that the Lord gave us. Is it or is it the Devil playing his hand?
I suppose some would say I'm Clairsentient/voyant.
I know when someone is going to die, when they're pregnant, when they're coming for a visit, calling, etc.

Mostly its by my dreams that I get anything specific or more than a feeling (they have been so specific that I dreamt I was tlaking to a woman online, giving her advice, and remembered the exact IMs, so that when she messaged me 2 months later, I already knew what was going to be said). Because my dreams can be anywhere from a day to a year in advanced for some thing, I have to keep a dream journal to differenciate between deja vu and knowing.

I've been able to do this since i was very young.
I was able to tell my grandmother her husband had passed on to the next life at 4, this was 8 years after he died, my mother believes he hung around to see me be born.
I was dreamt of a major drought in out area 3 months before it happened at age 3.
I knew a friend of mine's grandmother died before the rest of her family knew at 9.
I knew my Aunt was pregnant before she knew because I dreamt of my cousin at 11.
The list goes on and on.
It simply has become a normal addition to my life.

The only time i had a problem with it is when I confused knowing about an uncle dying and making him die by thinking about it. It was a hard lesson to realize, but my spirit guides helped me work it through, and that is normally what I advice otehrs who have abilities that they might have problems with, is to ask your spirit guides and guardians for aid.
Hi, Unfortunately I can sense when death is near. When this happens My thoughts and feeling are always sad (when there's no reason for me to be sad .) Any way they start slow for a time then they get worse to were all my thoughts are sad. That when I usually here of someone passing.

An incident happened to me about a year ago.I was watching a movie that had a sad ending, I thought nothing about it after words. But then I started getting these thoughts in my head it started off slow then get worse in time (this took about 2 weeks) I then got a call from my brother telling me that my Step Father had to get open heart surgery. I couldn't believe that. Every thing turned out OK in the end.
Some very interesting comments - but I want to highlight some points which was hidden in between...

A very logical reason why so many people in the pagan faiths have "gifts" is simply because in a Christian believe it is frowned upon, in contrast in the pagan believes we all want to have a special "gift". That said - we all have six senses - ask any mother regardless of her faith or belief... she knows when something is happening to her child... she would recognize her child scream a mile away (if she could hear it).

All these wonderful terms for gifts we have are great and I truly belief that there are truly very gifted people out there with these gifts. That said - I also belief there are many of us who think they have a gift but its sadly just coincidence. To say one is empathic is not a gift - it is human nature. However some people are more in-tuned with other peoples emotions - is this person just better attuned with better understanding or are they just like you and me? Evan many people are skeptical including myself, simply because the gifts people have are to close to coincidence... I have been to see many tarot readers and not one can tell me something so specific which only I would know. I have seen a palm reader and again - again her answers are so generic that it could be you who told me that... I am not saying all tarot readers are lying - I am merely saying a lot of people with their so called gifts rely on observations rather than real talent.

Example: the phone rings, I am in debt, I have not paid my bills, and its end of the month... I am Clairvoyant - and I tell my friend that is the debt collector... low and behold so it is and now my friend thinks I am psychic... Is this really true or just coincidence. For every one of the gifts we can find a hundred excuse of why it cant be true, but then we do find the one person who tells us exactly where a body of a child is who was murdered and this person was never in the loop... and all faith in our skills are resolved.. and many unscrupulous people make thousands of dollars on our own weakness.

The reality is - every person regardless of faith wants to know what will happen tomorrow or in 5 mins or in two years... we are as humans control freaks, and we want to make sure we have control. We dont like surprises and we dont like to be scared... so we use people with talents to help us better understand.

In my opinion many people in pagan believes have gifts, but you will find that many of these gifts are soft people skills gifts - no one is moving a building from place to place with their minds... or levitate so well that they have to give you your own flight path... thus it is very easy to thumb suck gifts... take me for example. I am empathic - but I dislike people in general as I find them tedious, annoying and energy draining... is it because I am empathic or just a jerk. Or maybe its because I am so attuned to people that they exhaust me and by avoiding them I can stay sane... I also very seldom move into crowded places for the same reasons... does it make me empathic of an elitist? I speak to animals trees, rocks and all 4 elements... since none of them have ever made an audible sound which humans can understand - is this true? But just this morning a bird got stuck on my patio... immediately I told it to just quiet down in a very stern voice... otherwise you will break your wings... allowing me to open the screen door... the bird almost immediately sat down on the back of a chair and once the door was open I told it to get going and it did... can I speak to animals - maybe - but for a scientist it is pure survival of the fittest which the bird was displaying...

I can go on for hours about the merits of psychic abilities, but unless you have real proof I can only assume its luck, or co-incidence...

In conclusion - Ginersnaps mentioned that having gifts in most religions is referred to as witch craft... that which is not understood is the occult (its actual meaning refers to hidden) and witchcraft is labelled as occult. But so is satanism and thus we unfortunately fall under the same branding... we really need better marketing.. as for if its evil or gods gift, that would be your own decision - since I am not Christian I do not belief in the Devil and thus if I do have any gifts its because I am who I am and just better connected to the universe than someone else. The question you have to ask your Christian friends is why Samuel went to the Witch of Endor as per the bible - she told him he will die and so will his sons, which they did - but then are we not suppose to die anyway?? The fact is even the Christian bible has its fair share of witch craft ...




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