I would love to get one!

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Thankyou very much!

Personally, I bought mine from G.I. Jewelry. It's about 12 dollars (not counting shipping). Nothing fancy about it, no frills or extra decorations.

This very tough Pentacle is precision carved out of non-magnetic, non reactive, brite finished, 100% 304 stainless steel. It has a 24" stainless steel dog tag chain and is 1" tall x 1" wide x 3/32" thick.
So yeah, it's slightly larger than a quarter if that gives you a good reference.

Most other pentacles sold online are made out of pewter. I personally can't stand pewter as it's a soft metal and almost malleable with the bare hand (former machine shop milling and lathe operator). It's a cheap crummy material to make things with. If you've ever seen those miniature figurines sold in comic book stores, those are made of pewter.

However, pewter does get the job done and may be worth the investment as a pentacle. Your choice really.

Thanks, Nine Lives!
I think it would be nice to have a plain one, like you do.
But also a strong one :P That pewter stuff doesn't sound very strong!

I got mine at http://www.13moons.com/. Look under jewelry, pentacles. They have 3 pages of them. You might also try http://mystikspirit.com/. Have fun!


I got mine from a lovely little shop in Glastonbury nearly 15 years ago and still looks brand new! (It's been worn every day since, and still going strong!) ;-)

Not much help if you aren't from England, I grant you, but useful if you come here on holiday I suppose lol

Blessed Be!

Rev. Andi

they sell them here at this site actually. And the money goes to support witch school and the world of witches museum.

amazon or 13moons.com

Which one? I got one online through azuregreen.com and another was given to me by an Alexandrian Priest.




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