Hi. I have been studying the wicca religion since the age of 16 and I have always wondered what is the wicca view/thoughts/beliefs about exorcisms? Does the wicca religion believe that people can become possessed? If people do become possessed, are there types of exorcisms other than catholic exorcisms? I am just curious on this topic because I never run into this topic in any books or articles. Thanks & Blessed Be.

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MM, Hunter Black let me congratulate you on writing a very concise and lucid explanation on a very difficult subject. If you have the time in the future I am sure you could write an introductory course on the subject for "Witch School" or even a book in your own right. If you find the idea not to your liking,let me apologies to you here. You may just prefer to write a short article for the Correllian Herald? Finally, let me say I am very happy that you took the time and effort today to post here.
BB Rev.Karl
Modern Wicca doesn't have too much to say on this topic.
One wonders if the idea of possession is mainly a middle Eastern idea?




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