Hi !

Is there any software out there that could be used for writing Book of Shadows, and I don't mean web pages... I mean like software you have on your computer and nobody else then you can use...


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Hi Andy,

I'm downloading one now from this link: http://download.cnet.com/Kule-Book-of-Shadows/3000-2135_4-10437473....

It is a free download from what i'm looking at and has info already in it and it is suppose to allow the user to add their own information and create their own BOS.

Not sure how good it is.
Hi !

It looks fancy... and it contains 4 different BOSes, but for writing your own, it's not so good.

Blessed be

Thanks for posting this..i have also looked for a comp program for this...i'm gonna go try it..hopefully its user friendly.

Well i tried several times and the download didn't take :(   if someone else out there finds another program, please post it...thank you

Yes, I actually have some software on my computer called BOS it lets you save spells, incense, rituals in separate places. Ill try to upload it later.
BB, Andy,

I have tried various things by searching the web, but have found many of them are either faulty or "tainted". Please be careful when downloading. One thing I found was a program called "Super Notecard" for writers. I use it to seperate my information onto notecards (which hold as much info as you need). You can seperate each entry into groups or into individual ideas, color-code them, flag them, what have you. It even has a search mechanism so that if you want to look up one idea (i.e. the herb "catnip" for instance), it will give you a list of all your notes that have that word/subject. I don't know the web address, but you could google it. It has done more for me with my BOS than any other program I've found.
I am actually working on something like this if you would like to beta test it for me. Its not really ment for a BOS but as a brewing database and to keep track of my other hobbies but it should work just as well. It will also let you adjust the skin link in windows media player when it is done.

If ya interested drop me a line.

Hi Mike !

Sure I am interested, please send me either PM or link to it here... In which language is it written... I am software programmer myself and I was toying with idea of making my own...

Blessed be.
Cool... I don't use VB.Net myself, if I work in .NET I use C#...
Hey I would love to test one.
I too wouldn't mind beta testing it.




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