I'm watching this drama called "Secret Circle".
On the show the witch hunters have come to hunt the teen witches.

Have you ever been confronted by someone who wanted to hurt you because you are a Pagan?

I don't remember it because I have always been fairly muscled.
But my father did tell me that witchcraft was not of Christianity.
I did have a coworker scoff at me for saying I am Pagan.
But that is about the extent of it.
Not even at public gatherings have we been confronted.
Just lucky, I guess.
But I have friends, or supposed friends who probably feared that I might put a curse on them if they vexed me. I wanted to be more approachable and that was the reason for me concealing my pentagram.

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I too have been fairly lucky in that I have not had any problems thus far from my beliefs! :-)

I even, on the way to Florida from London for my honeymoon, had one of the air stewardesses come up to me and tell me she liked my pentagram and was glad she wasn't the only Witch on the flight!

It's quite strange, because the area I live is kind of almost the exact opposite of the likes of Salem, but I guess I've just been sensible about who I open up to and who I do not. That said, if one more person asks me about my "Star of David". . . . lol

Enjoying the Secret Circle by the way - a few factual errors, but on the whole I think they have a pretty good grasp on things, and a good strong storyline with likeable characters! :-)

Blessed Be!

Rev. Andi

They mistook your Pentagram for a Star of David? LOL!
That reminds me. My Jewish professor defended my Pagan faith in class. Great guy.
-- The Secret Circle - What's not to love?

Greetings and salutations, Endrick.
Please read my profile on My_Page if you would like to know more about me and my knowledge of the "actual craft".
Furthermore, it is great that you are jumping in and participating right away.
But I would ask you to do more than criticize others and offer your own advice.
Also, reread people's comments before you make snap judgements about those comments.
If you reread my comment here, you'll find that I was actually not comparing The Secret Circle with the Craft.
Welcome to WitchSchool!

I see. Sorry for the mistake.

"I think you need to reread all the comments yourself before replying next time. Thanks for trying though. =)"

This discussion is not a contest where we are your opponents.

Having said that, why don't you point out a few factual errors on the show. I think this will be an interesting addition to our talk.

In the U.K., the books are marketed as 'The Wicca Series'.
But I do not remember reading the word Wicca in them.
I've seen up to episode 7 and also don't remember hearing the word Wicca.
The show is so ridiculously dramatic that I thought that everyone would understand that it doesn't depict modern Pagan religions.
Here's a funny observation. People die on the show every week and the children act as if nothing happened and continue to have parties. I'd be high-tailing it out of Vancouver if people started dying around me all the time.

A note on the moderation of this forum.
It is fairly strictly moderated.
If you want to let loose with the anger,
join me on alt.religion.wicca or alt.pagan through Google Groups for some unmoderated bashing that will refresh your soul.

I think our own expectations of others reactions also influences thier negativity.  I have a pentagram wall hanging in my bedroom.  When I first started Wicca I was constantly self-conscious of others judgement, and when they did judge me on it I'd shrink away unable to retaliate to the criticism.
Well now I've been practicing for some time ive learnt to expect acceptance, and others really do seem less inclined to criticize, and the few who do, I now have the knowledge & understanding to respond with facts.  Normally I find my confidence in my beliefs and knowledge quickly stops critics in thier tracks.
Lol, my Mother-In-Law still asks me if I've finally decided to become a good catholic because of my 'star of David' lol, I correct her everytime & explain what my pentagram means, but it doesn't seem to sink in with her lol!

Yes my ex boyfriend. I guess it is just where you live, i live in the bible belt, and the christians here are quite verbal and sometimes violent with their remarks to anyone who is not a christian.

i have had women move their children out of my path at the mall, unreal huh?

And as for friends fearing a curse on them, all i answer is "you would think that" meaning you must not think i have any dignity, self respect, or sense of what is right and wrong.

Sometimes people are so silly and petty, like all witches do is sit around wait till midnight and call all the demons from hell to avenge us.

But the last 10 years of society it is getting better, with people learning more about wicca and witchcraft, and it being on tv alot here anymore, and then wanting to read or study it.

i in utah they can be the same here alot of time

People just assume i'm an intelectual materialistic Atheist. Somehow, and irnoically because it shouldn't, that triggers certian amount of respect.

I love to watch the Secret Circle on t.v.
Welcome aboard to Witchschool !

I have been following this thread - and another - watching with disbelief! What I put about the Secret Circle was not, in any way, an indication that I think the show is real. And yes I may have worded it in a slightly ambiguous way, but there is no reason that has to cause arguments and resort to threads getting so nasty they are deleted, or childish name calling, or the like is there!?

All I simply meant is that the fundamental ideas; things like a Book of Shadows, a family lineage, a coven, crystals, spells, etc. etc. are all there. I didn't, for the record, suggest that we can place piers on fire, or unbutton teenagers blouses, or any of that other stuff!

A lot of what we do though - you have to remember - if done with visualisation. This cannot be done on TV and would make for a pretty dull show, wouldn't it? "What are you doing Dave?" "Oh, just visualising blue light in the East. You can't see it, but I've got a really good mental image formed now and it looks beautiful". Not quite the same is it?? No - exactly. So the only way the directors can get this across, is to use visual aids. Over time, this has become distorted and "Hollywood-esque".

I only mentioned that as a throw-away comment anyway, and did not expect quite the negative feedback that came from it! I could NOT stay quiet any longer - even though I did when I got called names, and when I've sat here watching a display of everything that we are not meant to be. Yes, I too, enjoy a nice heated debate. A really REALLY heated debate is also good. But a debate is not a debate if it means that one of the parties just uses name calling and stomps their foot in the opposite corner!

And just to say, in closing; I am a trained - and only gave up due to my wife's health - secondary school teacher (high school if you aren't English) with a PhD in my subject. I also trained - as a fun sideline - as a Chef, and for 15 years have successfully run my own business, which has paid for 2 small children, a sick wife, and a money-grabbing ex-wife! I do not, therefore, need to read posts from others where they are suggesting that just because they read what I posted and misinterpreted it, that I am unintelligent. I apologise to others reading this and having to listen to a strange form of my curriculum vitae, but as you can see (and you know who you are) I am not stupid, nor have I ever been.

I'm sorry you all had to put up with this, and those who know me know that I am placid and leave things been usually, but this has to stop now. You have hounded me and those who have leapt to my defence on more than one thread, and caused a myriad of upset - all in the name of debate! But you cannot call immature insults as debate - that is just childish. Please moderators - you have seen what we have. . . do something about this member before you lose members that genuinely answer posts and questions WITHOUT the intent to incite arguments!

Blessed Be to one and all, and again sorry for the need to rant!

Rev. Andi




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