I'm watching this drama called "Secret Circle".
On the show the witch hunters have come to hunt the teen witches.

Have you ever been confronted by someone who wanted to hurt you because you are a Pagan?

I don't remember it because I have always been fairly muscled.
But my father did tell me that witchcraft was not of Christianity.
I did have a coworker scoff at me for saying I am Pagan.
But that is about the extent of it.
Not even at public gatherings have we been confronted.
Just lucky, I guess.
But I have friends, or supposed friends who probably feared that I might put a curse on them if they vexed me. I wanted to be more approachable and that was the reason for me concealing my pentagram.

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I also didn't think that you were saying that the show was real.
Rant away Rev. Andi.
Blessed be you and all that you are.

Ha Ha!

Why thank you, my friend!

I think I'm all "ranted" out now, but it's nice to know I can should I need to ;-)

Apologies that it had to be on your thread (a great topic in the first place might I add) and now guys and gals, let's get back on toopic and forget all the silliness, eh?

Blessed Be!

Rev. Andi

Hello Rev. Andi, You responded to pettiness you did not rant .
You responded with grace and Dignity and the truth.

I for one agree with you, Good luck in your endeavors and Blessed BE

Greetings one and all.
The Secret Circle is a nice TV series and nothing more. Its not WICCAN, its WITCHCRAFT, the good old fashioned spell casting, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Bewitched meets Charmed with some Harry Potter thrown in. But its definitely not a Wiccan show. I think it would be boring if it were religious with them going around saying Blessed Be. However they did mention a few real books on the show when Faye's mother was in that house and she said Crowley's 777 and some other book, they got the right stuff.

As to witch hunters, as long as their is superstition there will always be opposition. but to hunting witches, na.

LOLOL!! I HAVE to share this one! It's not persecution - it's just plain FUNNY! Our Handfasting was in Sept, and almost all of the 200 people there were NOT Wiccan or Pagan, my family included. My Mom told me later that my sister mentioned that she hoped the ceremony wasn't going to be in the nude, or have sex in it~~ I died laughing!! (I am 59.) My sister is much younger than I, and has never really understood me, but she's a wonderful person! She at least took the time to check out the Gardnerian version of Wicca -LOL!! We got positive comments from all sorts of unexpected people who saw that Wiccan and Native American Paths are NOT the evil, nasty, Satanic perversions they have been exposed to by the media through the years. Nor are they part of the 'Charmed' syndrome of irresponsible children manipulating others in a totally selfish manner. We were both rather surprised, on the whole, as well as pleased.

I remember you mentioning your upcoming Handfasting.  Glad to hear it went so well!  Blessed be

Here, here! & Congrats on your handfasting, dear sister!

Yes indeed! Congratulations!! :-)

Blessed Be!

Rev. Andi

Thanks to you all! We're very happy - LOL!

I  myself have been blessed & protected by the Goddess from scoffers of Paganism . Oh , I won't say that I haven't turned a few heads & raised a few eyebrows, but that's as far as it's ever gone. I walk in her love & light to a point that I have no fear of any retribution of the anti-pagan scoffers. It's my option that there are more & more people out there that are getting sick of being part of the religious clicks that are not working for them...they're looking for freedom from them....I know, I was one of those people. Being Pagan is being free...Being a Witch is being free. It is also power..the power to change things within & around you: to better your life & the lives of others. Not having to set back waiting & hope that someone else has the ability to do it for you...It's within your power to do it for yourself! This is freedom! Pagans who find this freedom are like a lighthouse to others with troubled lives..they want what we have. Do we go out in the world trying to convert or save people from a burning hell..not hardly! Do we condemn people? Not at all. We simple walk the most beautiful path ever & they are drawn to us. I really feel sorry for those that would judge a Pagan for what we are & believe...That simply tells me that they are bound & not free to walk the path of the Goddess. My daily prayer is Goddess, let me be that beacon that draws these people to you! As I will so mote it be!

So true, being Pagan has given me the ability to offer wisdom & advice to others as the Goddess gives to me, it's a great feeling knowing that even those opposed to my beliefs are able to find guidance from it....Pagan is inner peace & happiness to oneself but it also radiates to those around us....love it!!

So true , dear sister...so true!




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