I'm watching this drama called "Secret Circle".
On the show the witch hunters have come to hunt the teen witches.

Have you ever been confronted by someone who wanted to hurt you because you are a Pagan?

I don't remember it because I have always been fairly muscled.
But my father did tell me that witchcraft was not of Christianity.
I did have a coworker scoff at me for saying I am Pagan.
But that is about the extent of it.
Not even at public gatherings have we been confronted.
Just lucky, I guess.
But I have friends, or supposed friends who probably feared that I might put a curse on them if they vexed me. I wanted to be more approachable and that was the reason for me concealing my pentagram.

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I love it! I cannot believe I spent that many years without this in my life!

Being Wiccan is the best thing that ever happened to me - I feel at peace, everything around me seems brighter. . . . I wouldn't change it for the world!

Blessed Be!

Rev. Andi

Here, here, Rev. Andi! What a wonderful way to walk..The Goddess Bless you!

You are not alone. Same problem here in Chicago ! Also at my former work and pubic places. Be strong!. I want to fight back harder. But I prefer to keep cool . Keep forward ! Smile ! Hugs !

I have never had someone approach me wanting to hurt me, mostly because I keep to myself. My beliefs are not public knowledge, and for good reason.

I live in the Bible Belt in a very Christian-dominated community. To add to that, I work in a care home where I care for a few senior citizens who are former Christian ministers. Needless to say, I am very polite to the people around me, and I don't say much about my beliefs because it really isn't their business to know. My husband knows some about my beliefs and accepts them, though he does not practice them himself.

The community I live in seriously has issues with the concepts of equal rights and freedom of speech. The only freedom of speech respected here is regarding Christian beliefs. Most of this community still believes that women are only good for housewives. Yes, I do plan on moving away at some point, but, for now, I just keep my business to myself!

The Witch's Pyramid gives the Element of Water the designated quality of "To Keep Silent". Keeping silent is 'going with the flow' of life around you. Being 'in the broom-closet' is ok - particularly if it would cause you harm, or harm those you love if you did NOT keep silent. Also, unless you have a great deal of extra energy to spend on defending yourself and family both magically and mundanely, then it is your RESPONSIBILITY to keep silent on your religious orientation and practices. You would know it, if you were time for you to speak out and fight for your legal rights, I believe. Wicca and the related Paths become more prevalent in and area because people DO keep silent until being 'sent' students, and the sheer numbers proliferate until there are enough people to dare to make themselves know as a group, who can defend one another.
Where you describe living is a particularly dangerous area in the physical sense - some of those 'good ole boys' just aren't 'right' - and they WOULD hurt you! The Bible Belt is the home base of the KKK, after all~~
Safety to you and yours, and Brightest Blessings!! We're with you in Spirit, Kimberly!




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