I logged in Yahoo UK a few minuets ago and was confronted with this headline. Now I can't exactly remember Witch School's rules for posting articles, I'll post the links to the articles and allow the moderators to edit/remove if they see fit.

The story is about a young man who was part of an African family, who's older sister and her boyfriend had allowed him and younger siblings to stay with them in their flat in London. The older sister and her boyfriend accused the young man (Named Kristy) of being a Witch (which -according to the article- is not uncommon in family's of their faith...though I'd like to think it's not common) they subjected him to four days of tourture before he eventually drowned, begging to die. He begged his oldest sister to help him, she did not.
The driving force behind the killing was their belief in the phenomenon of "kindoki" , which is an established part of spiritual life in areas of central and western Africa. The couple were both from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where belief of Witchcraft is particularly strong.
It's unclear what Denomination the couple actually belonged to, it's stated in the article that they'd sought the advice of Pastor's before carrying out an act of deliverence, so I believe they were obviously Christian of one form or another. I presume their exact sect has been held back to prevent the people of that faith from being attacked by the public.

The articles are as follow's:
The main article:
A follow-up article detailing some information about the Democratic Republic of Congo and the story of a young man who survived a similar ordeal after his family turned on him accusing him to be a witch.

Obviously none of this is a direct attack on the Pagan/Wiccan/Witch community, but it sadden's me that this happened in a flat in London, not in a 3rd world country where people have access to the information and knowlege to show them that this kind of behaviour is not necessery.

I hope that rightful justice is served, my heart goes out to the younger siblings and the perents. God/dess rest that poor man's soul.

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From what I understand (after re-reading the article) the people who follow whatever that particular tradition is were horrified to find out what happened. It seemed to me that they DO perform exorcism's of witchcraft/evil spirit's/whatever but not to the point of torment and murder.
With so much religious hate in the world as it is I can understand why they'd withold it. There's no way they could release that information without the people who follow that faith being ostricied, outcast and discriminated.
It's in the same kind of way that Pagans/Wiccans/Witches are discriminated because of what hollywood, tv shows, and certain individuals do. If one Pagan went rouge and killed someone then blamed it on their Religious Belief's, it wouldn't be a reflection of the entire comminuty but of that person, and in one sence it would make sence to withold that person's religious belief's to prevent us all from reciving religious hate.

The bigots of the world will always outnumber the tolerant, I'm afraid. If it wasn't religion giving them the excuse, it would be something else. Looking at the atrocities against humanity committed in the past 200+ years tells us that, without fail, there will be people trying to eliminate all who are 'not like them', which is a basic human instinct.
I believe that's why the rule of law is so important in a civilization - to set standards of unacceptable behaviors and define the consequences thereof. Sadly enough, inspiring fear in bigots is the only way I see to initially deal with bigotry; setting the consequences of unacceptable behavior high enough, and then enforcing the laws requiring those consequences.
Protection and REQUIRED tolerance must happen before time and familiarity can breed true tolerance, IMO. It is a matter of at least three generations of time, i have noticed.

This is so upsetting it almost makes me cry. How can people be so ignorant? Witchcraft is not the devils work...
This sickens me that there are still people out there that are this closed minded.

I watched a Documentary of 'Africa's Witch Children'. Basically local pastors in these poor areas of Africa saying they get messages from God that someone's child is a satanic witch trying to kill them. Even children as young as 18 months are being told they are witches. The children are beaten, tortured maimed, abandoned and killed. It's horrible!

Yes Raincloud, I find it rather ironic that during the European frenzy of 'Witch' persecution, children were accusing adults, and in Africa Pastors are accusing children. It always seems to be the powerless in a culture that get victimized.
Religions introduced to an area by the conquerors of that area become inextricably intertwined with the per-existing cultural paradigms and religions of that culture. The European Powers which colonized (read-'controlled') Africa, (America included), touted 'freedom of religion', but have in practice encouraged only freedom of Christianity. Christianity is a slim, cracked veneer over the cultural paradigms of the less educated in Africa, even now, as is shown by these persecutions, IMO. Never forget that the slave trade from Africa was supplied by the Africans themselves in large part... We are not dealing with a Western European cultural paradign here at all, no matter the veneer of civilized and Christian culture.
These persecutions are not 'Christian' but a perverted form of Christianity being used as a form of cultural control by these individual Pastors, and should be seriously prosecuted by the secular authorities.




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