Although I was planning on having a discussion for each archangel and not grouping them, these three are so intertwined, it was near impossible to do so unless I wanted you to be constantly going back and forth.

The first basic thing to cover with these three is who they are. I am sure everyone has heard of Lucifer and Satan, but not as many will know of Samael.


Little seems to be truly known about Lucifer, except the fact the he was known as The Morning Star and started the Great War in Heaven due to Pride. There are two alteration of this story. The first being the God created man and wanted the angels to bow to his creation, but Lucifer refused. The other is that God wanted the angels to bow to Jesus.

In mythology, Lucifer is believed to be the son of Aurora (the Dawn) and the father of Ceyx.

Lucifer was a great archangel in Heaven and believed to be either cherubim or seraphim although more point toward cherubim. He is also Michael's opposite, not God's.


Some view Satan as a beautiful being while others see him as a hoofed and horned beast. It is believed that he was the first angel to sin, although some believe the first sin belongs to Lucifer. That's right. Lucifer and Satan are not the same being, contrary to popular belief. The term "devil" was given to Lucifer due to the fact that the concept of fallen angels wasn't widely held yet.

Another name that is generally involved with Satan is Beelzebub. This is also false. Beelzebub was never of angelic descent.

It also believed that Satan was originally a seraphim or cherubim although some believe that he actually never fell nor is an actual evil being but an abstract that was created on the 6th day to test humans, but God still had limits on what he was able to do.

It also strongly shows that Satan was the one that tempted Eve to bite into the the forbidden fruit. Whether he was the snake or just used the snake is up for interpretation, but it is believed he was driven to tempt her due to his jealousy of God's love for Adam. After this, Satan was banished to Earth, which in theory of the Heavens (Sheol aka hell is in 3rd heaven and fallen angel are kept in the second heaven), would mean he is not fallen.

It is also believed he seduced Eve and impregnated her with Cain. Other lovers it is said he has taken have been Lilith (after she left Adam) and three angels of prostitution, Eisheth Zenunium Naamah, and Agrat Bat Mablat.


Samael is believed to have been the angelic name of Satan before his "fall". Samael also translates to "poison of God." It is also believed that Samael was or is one of the angels of death and lives/lived in Araboth, or the seventh heaven.

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This is all fascinating and cool that most of the popular beliefs today were causes of misinterpretation. I will definitely have to get more books on angelology- so I can keep up to date with these discussions.
Many modern books still discuss the older views as well.
Most of this I already knew, but the second, third, and seventh heaven things are still slightly new to me. I understand it is Jewish lore, same as Lilith, but that's all. I see there is a topic about them already so I'll go check it out now.

Thank you.

<3, Symposia.
Lilith comes to us from that of Babylonia or what we call Meso. she was intertwined into the Gospels, and of course we all know that when one belief system dies all their Gods and Goddesses are turned into demon's, but it is however one of the oldest documentations of spirits, beings , angels or perhaps Nembuli that walked among early man, perhaps earlier civilizations with great powers, this is still in much debate today BB
I see him as a ' terminator ' , only he rules in the seventh heaven but we could class Camael here as well, I believe their are seven , their energies are ruled by Mars. Samael is said to walk tow worlds. In some instances we might call him a magician as well as a sorcerer.His name means " Blind God or God of the blind " in Talmudic lore you will see that hs is the accuser, a seducer, as well as a destroyer, some say that he is the God of this world and in some cases many sects mistake him for the living God , for he is believed to be the creator God of this world. In the nag Hammadi he is the third name of the demeuige, It is believed that He was the son of Sophia his name is Yaldabuoth and some times Saklas : " fool ", the son of chaos and the underworld, he is interpreted as the principle of evil. it was that Moses saw two angels and he said these words: " Oh my it be , thy will, my God , and the Gods of my father, not let me fall into the hands of this angel".
He is also believed to have impregnated Eve and was the father of Cain. And according It was Metatron who was the second angel in moses vision and he told him that Samael was the taker of mans soul . It is believed that when Samael is near Digs will begin to howl , they are also a sign that death is near . He has been given the day Tuesday his colors are black and red .
His season is the Fall. BB




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