I am absolutely bereft and devastated - my beatiful Shadow, mother of my kitty family, died in my arms at around 3.45 am gmt this morning - she had been suffering the after affects of heatstroke.  She had been getting better but in the evening she became very weak and could not stand.  She was trying to drink but could not manage it.  I was taking her to the vet as soon as they opened this morning. 

At the moment I am so plied with alcohol that I am conscious but numb - I really dont want to sober up. 

I am at a loss what to do with her body - I would love to bury her in my garden but I am planning on moving within the next two years and don't want to dig her up again.  I would have her cremated but as I am unemployed - I am not sure that i can afford it.  I have taken a small cutting of her fur so that I have something.  If anyone can give me some idea what to do it may give me some comfort.


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In the end I found a place where I could have her cremated and her ashes returned to me in a wooden box. It was very reasonable and I can just about afford it.

Now one of my other cat's is at the vet - little Carter - has severe anemia - it looks like it has been caused by fleas even though I de-flea all my cats regularly. He has a little hidey-hole right down between some boxes and the radiator - just the right place for fleas. Please those of you who can help with healing energy, give him your thoughts. I cannot bear the thought of losing him especially so close to his mother.
Blessing to you and yours at this time Sandra--
I rang the vet yesterday afternoon and they said he was a bit better and I could bring Carter home this morning. I had a phone call about 30 minutes ago - he died overnight. Another of my cats seems to be going the same way. I just hope I can hold on to him = myh three other cats are fine.

I dont think I could cope with losing another one.
Just an update - my third cat Nicko is now fine - the vet gave me some tablets for him and also some iron supplement - after about three days of lots of tlc and syringe feeding he was making good progress - he's now back to his old self. All four of my cats seem to miss their mother and brother - almost as much as me.




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