For the last 5 years my beautiful Bright Eyes cat has gotten tapeworms, and i go to the vet and get medicine to remove them.  She is the kitten of a stray that I adopted back in Georgia.  Someone from the GSW healers club, suggested that her immune system is weak (so is mine, like mother, like feline daughter?).  I can come up with a flower/stone essence blend but does anyone know what herbs and foods can help build up a felines system.  She only eats an organic dry catfood and eats homegrown wheatgrass.  I do not let her outside as every where I have lived it has been too dangerous.  Any ideas would be appreciated.  Danse in the Dragonwinds    dolmadraka and kitka

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It is good to hear that you don't let her outside - I keep my darling cats inside too.

For building up her immune system, I have read that wheatgrass is good so it sounds as if you are on the right track.

Here is a a good link with some information about feline holistic healthcare
Dolmadraka, I just went to pick up some homeopathic medicines for Teal'c and thought of Kitka whilst I was there. I think these people ship internationally
Perhaps they have something that might help her? Or if they don't ship internationally perhaps they might be able to refer you to a company that can provide the medicines in your area?

It sounds as if they have had some real success with some very ill animals.

Love and light to you and Kitka!





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