I know this might be boring but it was the only thing I could think of at the time. I like many of you like all animals but I think my favorite which is both one of my spirit guides and totem is the hawk. I have several that show up at the same time each year. One of them come directly to my back yard usually does not make any noise. I have many other favorites what is yours.

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Mine is probably the cat--I have 6 of them, have had as many as 8 at a time. They come to me, I don't get them. If it weren't for my hubby, I'd probably have more! He keeps the load down. LOL

Hugs and BB,
Jen :)
I love the Chinese Pug. 5 of them came into my life through rescue. I love each and everyone of them. We have an owl on our property that talks to us when we go outside. I have yet to see him or her. I love all animals especially those that I can help or give a better life. We also have a huge black manx with beautiful yellow eyes. His name is Mystery.
Most assuredly the dog! I have 7 of them plus a foster at this time. 1 Greyhound, 1 whippet, 1 Italian Greyhound, 2 pit mixes, 1 Heinz 57 and a Chigi (Chihuahua/Corgie). My foster is an elderly greyhound. Her equally older owner is in failing health and had to turn her in to Animal Services where I volunteer. Usually they would go back to one of the rescue groups, but she is not a retired racer, but was bought as a puppy directly from the breeder.
The wolf is my totem animal so that is probably why I have such a deep love for the canine family. Canis Lupus, canis familiaris.
My favorite animal is undoubtedly the ferret, which is interesting to me, being that my totem animal is the weasel. I have had two so far in my lifetime, and hope to find myself in the presence of more before I travel to the Otherworld.
my favorites are
bird- eagle, owl
i really dont know why i like the manatee so much but i have just always like the weirder animals like hippo's and others.
I like them all.... in fact I like them all so much that I can't seem to pick one that is my favorite. Presently, however, (this changes probably every week or so) I will say that my favorite animal is the Siberian Tiger. They are so amazingly beautiful I almost wish I could have one as a pet.... but it would probably eat my other pets.... so that is possibly not a good idea. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL
lol, yea my favorite animal change often as well. and also like you i LOVE all animals no matter what they look like. :D
So like most of you I love them all. I have had many dogs and cats. Cats find me where ever I go. I have been in animal rescue for about 30+ years. I have taken care of many wild birds, a squirrel, and a raccoon. I have never been hurt by any animal. I believe they know when you are there to help. Animals are a great judge of character especially cats. My animal spirit guide is the cougar, but I think the crow may also be. No matter where I go there will be a crow right above me in a tree or buliding roof cawing(not the best speller but you know what I mean). When the weather breaks there is an African Pied Crow that comes to my yard to eat. He sits in the tree at the end of my yard and calls to me and I take food out to him. I can get about 8 ft of him but that's it. For now!
I love wolves like no other. I try to love all animals but wolves give me much more of a connection. I also love hawks, tigers, and foxes.
I love animals so much I don't seem to have a favourite one, though I've always been attracted to all kinds of cats. It goes from domestic species to the big felines such as tigers, panthers and lions.
Hello and Merry Meet! I love animals and like a lot of you the hurt and injured ones always find me and my Fiancee wherever we go, we have 10 rescued dogs 7 that live in the house with us and are spoiled rotten and I have 2 cats that are very dear to me. i have an interesting story about what I think may be my totem animal. For over three years a cardinal male came to my window in any room i was in daily in my old house now that we mover 2 years ago a cardinal does the same thing here and we have like 20-30 in our yard at all times. i have also had one light on my hand and let me pet him and talk to him i have pics he stayed so long there and then after about 30 minutes he decided that was enough close time and flew off. Its amazing how truly intelligent and caring all animals are we can learn so much from them. I can't wait to get to know you all and your special animal friends.

Brightest Blessings Callyberry
I am going to have to say German Shepherds They are one of the noblest animals I can think of . I have always really liked Toads- The brown American toad,very earthy little guys,I like them even if they pee on me when I pick them up .

Scrub Jays are just amazing birds!! but are much to trusting of people .Sea Loins their barking comes in my widow at night and they are so much fun to watch.Puffer Fish will follow you around in the water they are very cute .
I am a Cat magnet they just show up at my door, I love them and I get more in return for taking them in and caring for them then I think I give .Even if at times it is like a Cat soap opera/Cat day care around here .

The Great Horned Owl is a humbling thing to see as is a Timber Wolf ,Regular Old Mutt Dogs,Loons,White Tail Deer are stunning animals.The American Robin has the cutest babies I have ever seen and its fun to watch the mothers teach the babies to hunt for food plus they really know how to sing.

I had two Humpback Whales spy hop a couple feet away from me two years ago It is a life changing experience.if I look up right now there is a wyland dolphin print in front of me and a sea otter print behind me I am going to add them to my list .Donkeys and Mules-- Raccoons are always entertaining and I like Deer Mice very much.Black Bears and their cubs are fun to watch.I also like baby starlings they make me laugh.Chipmunks, ground squirrels and prairie dogs
I did a meditation a couple years ago to find my animal guide/s a Beaver showed up right away ,while I have seen them in the wild and liked them I had not thought about them much( save for mankind's ill treatment of them, but that goes for most creatures) Still it made sense that one would show up.

Not a boring question at all !!




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