I just got a new altar table and its was what I've been looking for, it's way bigger then my old altar and I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on taking a picture of your altar. I've heard some people say it's okay, but then I've heard from a friend who's also Pagan that you should not take photos of it at all and if you don't mind taking pictures of your altar I hope you can share pictures of your altar and tell us about it.
Hope to hear form you soon

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I've seen several photos of altars so I don't see a problem with it... I guess it's up to the individual. I just recently took some pics of the new outdoor altar that I have been working on; it's still in progress but here's what it looks like so far....
Ohh looks like its going to be very nice, I hope you'll post more pic's as it grows.
MM Rowan, This is a beautiful Altar. Thanks for the pics




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