My Lifemate and I are solitaries and though we have a highpriestess and a few friends to hold some rituals with for the most part we are on our own. I was wondering if anyone is up to date on local events, gatherings etc. we would love to make a few new friends and worship in the company of other witches.

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It depends on what your looking for, Alpha Books In Phonenix has classes on ocassion and so does WellSpring books in Mesa, WellSprings has a psychic fair this weekend and they have them once a month. The Druid groups is going to be holding Beltain rituals at the Irish Culture Center soon. Also for other classes and events Northern Winds has something going on at least once a week. Then theres also the Epic Meetings, The Phoenix groups meets up on the first Friday of the month at a Dennys off of Northern and the I-17. They also meet in Mesa but I'm not sure of the date.
thank you for the help.
I'm not in the Valley, or I'd love a chance to work with others. I'm about 75 miles North... in a small hick town and very shut off from other witches. There are no Circles in my area, therefore I remain a Solitary.
T.A.W.N is sponsoring Fall Fest 2011 on Saturday Sept 17th at UU church. You can get the info at This site also lets you know about open rituals you can attend. They have(Cauldron) pot lucks once a month and different covens sponsor adult eduscation at a local library, The also offer Moon School for kids during the Cauldon luck. There is also a local TAWN stands for Tucson Area Pagsn Wiccan Network.




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