Hello everyone,

With the new year coming up what was everyone goal's are for the next year? Will anyone be doing any special new years Day rituals?

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Foe me I hope to get my First Degree compleated, I've been working on it for close to a year now. As for rituals I'll just be doing some divination work and thats about it.

The only goals I have for 2011 is surviving while trying to stay positive in the process, seeing my son graduate from HS!!!  ...And continuing with my First Degree classes, which I hope to complete mid 2011, then starting my Second Degree :)

This year has been heck! I know that sounds negative but it has been very difficult financially as well as emotionally. My Mom's health continues to decline and we have been to the ER and in ICU with her every couple months if not weeks this year... it's been awful. She is currently in ICU as I write this; she just had a defibillator put in. Her heart is only working 10-15% right now. And my oldest son is having health issues to right now... we had a family night in the ER last Tuesday. We took Mom in, and a couple hours later, my son was brought in by his wife. I was bouncing back and forth between their rooms all night. Party in the ER!  (not) Anyhoo... Mom is recovering and doing well so far. We hope to have her home in a few more days. My oldest son is dealing the best he can with his issues; the Docs are still trying to figure out what's wrong with him. My youngest son is going to Graduate from High School in May... Goddess willing (it's been a rough year for him too). I am so ready to say goodbye to 2010 LMAO and praying that 2011 will be much more positive!

@ Rowan Sorry to hear about all the drama, This past year has been rough on me to. I hope the best for you for the rest of this year and more blessings for you in the next.






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