where are all the like minded ppl in the ATX?? I think I might be alone out here....

I have yet to even notice anyone here that could have similar views... I mean politically there are people here I can stand together but that’s about it. Has anyone been to brave new books? It is down town .. great for knowing what the media is hiding and the facts about world matters but don’t expect any acceptance in the religious sector... we have a large homosexual community with an entire street down town showing that there is nothing wrong with it! … loads of tolerance from the Christian population on that … There is even a Christian church for gay/bi/les …I don’t get it. I want to say perhaps if there was a group of pagans wanting to have public celebration it might be just fine with the Austinites …. Then again I have this feeling that the yelling screaming mothers would come after us with their hatful signs and bad energies.. What do you think on this topic? Is Texas the broom cupboard state?

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I think at this point in time people have some very religious perceptions of what we do and it will take not only time, but education as well. That being said, of all the places in the state, Austin is more accepting at times than other cities. However, I don't really make an effort to even mention what I believe in to others unless they attempt to preach and shove their beliefs down my throat. I was persecuted as a student in High School for four years for being open about my beliefs; the result of a rather naive view of the world at the time. Since those days I keep things to myself and prefer to only speak about it with those who have views like mine. Haven't done that yet though but am working on it.
Merrey Meet!! LOL I have heard of 6th Street ^.^ And I'm sorry, but I don't believe in hiding your religion! If people don't accept you for how you really are then there is no point in keeping them as friends! My whole family, my fiance, friends, and co-workers all know that I am a witch (I soo had to explain what Wicca/Pagan was to them LOL), and they accept me. They Accept me for me, the little witchie that loves the earth and practices magic, who is also sweet and kind. Not someone they Think I am! Christians have Wiccans and Pagans running! And there is no need for it. I'm not sure about the rest of the community, but I Bet with my WHOLE heart that I am more willing to fight for my religion then some of the Christians! Don't let their beliefs closet you! And if you ever need any help with anything, I'm here too. Located in RR, lol I'll even give you my address and phone number if you want me to come over and mentally slap someone!! LOL Just believe in yourself, not because you feel like it or because I asked you to, but because it is right! No one deserves to be left in the shadows, including all of you! Blessed Be!!!
It is refreshing to see someone who is as passionate about Wicca as I am. I look forward to speaking with you more in the future!
I know! I hope Wiccans and Pagans learn that we DO have back-bone and are willing to stand up REALLY tall with it ^.^ lol
Hiya! I have finally started opening up to people I trust and telling them some of my beliefs. It has gone rather well and helps people to understand me a bit more. Im glad to see new people in the group. Would anyone happen to know of any places here in Austin to find books, supplies and maybe some jewlery? Im still new to the area. Blessed be!
Merrey Meet!!
You can actually make your own supplies, just go to a local Micheal's or Hobby Lobby and get creative ^.^ If need be I can help you with your supplies, but I haven't found a location that provides a lot of witchie stuff.. And did you know you can get Sea Salt from your local Walmart?? Plus tons of candles, oils, and things like that!! They don't really sell athames but you can improvise with using your finger, and as for a wand you can ask for a stick from a tree. I find that really helps when you're in a crunch. Plus you can get tarot from Hastings, along with a set of plastic runes (my beginning runes were also plasitc, so don't feel like you'll be out of place!) And for cloth you can also get that at either Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or Walmart. Just have someone, even you emboirder a pentagram on it if you want!! Mine doesn't have a pentagram on it, cause i feel that I don't need it on my cloth, when I have it carved into my altar. And if you need an altar just pick one up from Walmart, or the local Army Surplus!! Hastings would have a few witchie books for you, and so would Barns and Noble (I think I just spelt that wrong...). And as for herbs, you can order them online, go to HEB to get them fresh or dried.. They only have non-poisonous, so try to stay away from bad spells. Hmm and as for jewlery, any ring that has a stone on it would help you concentrate! Like my Christian Grandmother (who unknowingly knew I was a witchie until later on) gave me a beautiful Black Hill's Gold ring that has an Obisidian stone in it.. Obsidian is my stone, and it attracts me to certain things, helps me with concentrating, and guides me ^.^ I also went out and purchased an obsidian pendulum and runes. They also help me when I'm concentrating.. So it all depends on what pulls you (or attracts). If you want to spend your money on things that have been blessed and things like that.. It does get a little pricey! That's why I encourage beginners to take up this finacially simple route that also provides the same items!!
Blessed Be!!!
We need to all get together sometime. Maybe at Zilker park ^_^ We could have a picnic

I was hoping to find more active Pagan/Wicca in South Austin after I got down here, but there is only 2 groups listed on Meet-Up. They don't seem to be very active.
Are there many like-minded people still in the Austin area?

Im in to help with this!! Im sick of it too and Ive been wanting to do something!




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