I stumbled across this group and decided to join. Blessed be everyone. Is anyone in NC? Just moved here and I;m looking for friends a bit more.....like me.

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I am from ca, but I'll be your friend.
Greetings and welcome.  I'm clear on the other side of the states but wanted to welcome you anyway.   I will be your cyber friend lol
nice to meet you ladies.
Very nice to meet you too!
Hi and merry meet. AM from ohio. So u can hit me up anytime.
merry meet new girl :) i am in canada but i still hope you enjoy this group :)
Hey hey! Make yourself at home, no real rules except keep respectful and come up with nice topics about being bi and pagan :)

Welcome to the group, blessed be!
Hi everyone! New here and just thought I'd drop by to say hi. I'm from NY. (YAY for gay marriage being passed!) I'm glad to have found this group.
merry meet :) here's to NY being wise now let's hope everyone who hasn't catches up :)
Merry Meet, Rebecca! I've just joined as well. I'm in SC, which may be pretty darn close depending on which section of NC you're in. I'd be happy to make friends, if you like. :)




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