I am currently trying to put together my first scrapbook of shadows, and I have no idea what to put in it... sigh.
I want to make mine into an heirloom and pass it on to my family and to my friends. Could anyone help me with sharing some of their ideas?
I have bought special acid-free retractable pens-in black ink, and 24 colored crayola pencils today at Staples. Plus I already have mechanical pencils, stickers, glitrer glue pens, stencils, and a blank book- that is for spells and is Emerald Green. I would like some help with this- I feel so overwhelmed!

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Is this more of a scrapbook typew thing to commemmorate rituals, etc., or is this going to be an actual book of shadows?
It is an actual book of shadows that uses a scrapbook binder.
When I started mine, I included pictures of my first ritual area, and leaves from the same. Pictures of my patron Deities either ones I liked or ones I drew. I keep a multi subject notebook with meditations, ritual results, dreams, quotes, poetry, Etc. I copy down items from this on linen paper and place them in the BOS as I go. I also use a large scrapbook so I can reorganize if I need to. I have kept amy brown cars, and special gifts I recieved from pagan groups while I was deployed in Iraq and plan to include them too. Though my primary BOS is actually a laptop computer, I will eventually hand write everything.
Thank you for that suggestion. I will have to go out and purchase more spiral journals. I love to write mostly fiction, so I think that I will have to stock up.
Thank you for that suggestion, I was just so overwhelmed.
I have put in special cards from my husband as a constant reminder of the love that we share and it is SACRED to me. That is the only thing that I have added that is not 100% Pagan wiccan related and is stored at the end of my book.

I have added the lyrics to chants that i have learned in various circles though I am not sure who the authors are in many cases as they are passed on via voice and not wrote. Some are from my Native American background as well.

I also added my Ordination from my "CHURCH" so that I am legally able to marry people and keep a section for the couples I have handfasted with thier names and signatures. My bos uses Pegs so that I can remove and add new pages as I desire.

The best way to make your book is to make it from your heart!!!
Okay, thank you for that suggestion.
Hi! Let me first say that putting together your own BOS is actually quite the task so do not get disappointed with yourself or let it make you crazy. It takes time and thought. I have had multiple books- one for prayers, spells, misc info, oils/herbs/crystals etc. I am now in the midst of putting one large book together that I can also pass down to someone else in years to come. I started out with a BOS page, then a dedication. From there I have started with prayers; when I am finished with the material I already have then I will leave ample blank pages to add in more prayers later on; I am going to do the same with every other section I put into the book; each section is going to have it's own cover page as a seperator and I have multiple ribbons in my book so I can section of the areas as I need or want to. Have fun with it; I suggest you separate all the info you now have into categories first so you have each topic all together in one place and then go from there. Good luck!
You may want to start with creating some categories. Categories can help you decide where to place what pages. An example of this can be found at http://www.wisewitchessociety.ning.com/forum. The forums there are set up as categories of a Book of Shadows. Everything on the site fits into one of these sections or categories - that way you always know where to find each item.

So your first project could be to make cover pages for each category.

Hope this helps.
Sophia Anila
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