What is a hedgewitch? I consider myself a green witch. cause I love trees and grass and all. any thoughts?

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As I understand it, a hedge witch is one that rides the hedge of this plane and the next, leaning most heavily on spirit work along with the other crafts. I got an earful about this from a particularly intense and insistent witch once.

I do believe trees are counted as part of green witchery path so go right ahead and keep calling yourself such.

ty very much. this helps me so much for someone to answer these questions. I appreciate it so much. bb

The term hedge witch has been used by some authors, such as Rae Beth, to refer to a shamanistic path involving spirit work, as Amberhawk mentioned above. Some resources about this path include Rae Beth's website and Walking the Hedge.

Earth- or nature-oriented witchcraft is usually called green witchcraft. This can involve working with many plants, trees, rocks, and other natural objects, such as cultivating a magical garden, working in forest groves, or cooking with herbs based on their magical properties. Ann Moura (Aoumiel) is one author who writes about Green Wicca, and Susun Weed also writes about herbalism. Some websites with more information about green witchcraft include Green Witchery, Susun Weed's website, Ann Moura's Garden, The Way of the Green Witch Forum, The Witch of Forest Grove, and The Green Witch blog.

If you read more about what green witchcraft means to these practitioners, you may find something that resonates with you and resources to help you learn more. Of course, there are other paths that may incorporate plants/trees--for example, trees play an important role in druid beliefs--and some paths simply see nature as one part of the creation of the God and Goddess, so it is sacred and is one way to connect with them, but it is not the sole focus. Reading about other paths as well may help you to get a broader perspective and find what is truly in your heart.




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