Ive had dreams that have come true, or shown insight. I was born with a twin who died two days after we were born, when I was little I had a dream about her having never previously been told about this twin. I went to my mom the next day and asked her about my twin she finally told me. More recently when Princess Diana of Wales passed away, the night she died I dreamt about the accident, details the papers and news didnt know about. It was before I even turned on the tv and saw my dream was true. These are the only two "premonition dreams" I can say I know I've had, but I've always remembered my dreams and they are usually rather vivid for a while after. I would like to learn more on how to grow this ability to my full extent. If anyone can help me please message me on here I am on here every night pretty much and I check it all the time. Thanks Wynters~

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I saw Diana’s death myself. I was in the market and her face was on the cover of a magazine. When I picked up the book, I saw the black car, the tunnel and the crash. I told this to the four people who I was with and that night to my greatest sorrow she died. Since I was five years old I have been predicting plane crashes , natural disasters, wars and many deaths from John Lennon to the Twin towers and Japan Quake. Today I am 49 years old and for the past seventeen years I have worked with Police and law enforcement agencies to help solve crimes. Your gifts are rare and you are wise to learn to enhance them. I teach this art to other psychics who are serious about the craft, however, I am located in mass. Are you a see’er? Do spirits send you warnings and messages?

Reverend Marie Carew
A see'er? That sounds like me. Although, I have asked that they be a bit quieter about their warnings when they have them. Hasn't worked so far. But I do know that some spirits aren't on the same frequency as me, what do you know about that? Could I possibly be missing out on important messages that they can only tell me via dreams?

And Wynters, I think I remember you telling me this a while back in the chat thingy, right?
Sometimes messages can be in riddles. It is up to us to figure them out. Because I work with law enforcement I must be careful with the content I receive.

On March 14th I kept getting this same message;

"Back to the Earth from which it came. That is where all hope lies. Mankind is changing the balance of nature through misguided technology."

I contacted a lt colonial in the Atomic energy division in D.C. and told them that I am a registered psychic from Massachusetts who for the past three days keeps receiving this message concerning the reactor crises in Japan.

"Back to the Earth from which it came. That is where all hope lies. Mankind is changing the balance of nature through misguided technology."

Do to the fact that Uranium gives us U-235 for our nuclear power. I asked if it was possible to defuse this radiation sending this energy back where it belongs? Can this plant be buried under the rocks and soil from which it came? Water will keep the fuel cool but it will not eliminate the radioactive effects. U-235 is very rare. There is a reason why that fuel is inside the Atom of rock and not outside it.

The next morning I was directed to this news story at;


As you can see, the message told me very little I had to figure it out.
hi, I have the gift too. :) when I was still at my first school, I dreamt that I moved to a new school that had a ted jumper for the uniform. I saw the building and even my teachers. the next school I went to (a middle school) had a grey uniform.
I was then moved to a much smaller school for a year that one didn't have a uniform at all. but, the next year I moved up to secondary school and I could not believe it, It was the school I had dreamed of. knew where all my classes were everything. at first it really scared me but now I have come to accept my dreams.
Receiving psychic visions through dreams is very popular. Never doubt what you are being shown and always write down what you see and the date that you saw it.

Visions do not know time frames. A perfect example of this is back in 2002 my spirit guide informed me this;

(2002) “I tell you this, for this is what cometh. The Earth will dry up from the sun and then turn to ice. Many a storm will ravage the lands. Soon the atmosphere will grow dense and be too thick breath. The sudden climate changes will affect all life. The Earth is dying a man-made death. The moving of the Earth from off her axis will put her in the path of great destruction. Disturbances from the sky will fall, rocks, comets, meteors. The time has come for you to show the world what you have discovered. Once the Earth begins to move away from its axis the true destruction of the planet will begin. Ice will form then turn to water and water to Earth that which flies will land and never fly again, that which crawls, walks and runs and swims will move no more. That which is light will be darkness and that which is dark will remain. ”

It is now 2011, nine years later and many of these things have occurred on Earth.

Always heed the messeges presented to you. I have found it is not productive to trust mankind’s words, it is more productive to trust my own psychic visions. I believe what the spirit world tells me more so then I believe the words of the living flesh. The spirit world has no reason to lie. They see beyond the mortal existence. Mortals are flawed. Because mortals are ruled by their own deviated thoughts and actions, they see no further than their own selfish gains.




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