Merry Meet all,

My name is David and I am new to the group. Thought I would pop in to say high and give a little information on myself lol.

So a little about me...I have been a follower and practitioner of Wicca for the past 15 years and have been in love with it from the start. I currently live in McMinnville,TN with my wife of 18 years and my 17 year old son. I have been a member of WSI for a couple years but just started to pick up
on my lessons again after going through a dark period in my life. That dark period has ended thankfully and I am know back in full swing with things. After picking back up on my course work with WSI I realized that the structure and training that I was looking for was right under my
nose all the time. It was the lack of structure and training that I was missing, especially being a solitaire practitioner. Now that I have a mentor and a group of great WS members I feel I can achieve my ultimate goal of complete the First, Second and Third degree courses and from
there work my way to become part of the Clergy. I have always been they type of person who enjoys helping others and I feel that this is a calling the Goddess and put in me. Now being part of the Outer court just helps reinforce that I am doing what what the Goddess has called me to do.

I have also just recently started the Tarot 101, Mental Mediums training, and cyber-ministries courses as it is my hopes that once I complete my trainings I will be able to reach out to others who want to learn and also hope to one day have a local temple in my area. I look forward to meeting everyone and getting to know you better and hope that I can contribute to the group as much as possible.

Great to be here and Blessed Be everyone,

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Merry Meet David, I too find that the Correllian system is Interesting and structured well, I was a Solitary Eclectic and enjoyed that But Wanted to be part of a Tradition.

The Other Traditions did not exactly feel right to me, I enjoyed the Correllian focus on Energy/light Manipulation as well as other aspects of their practice.

It just seemed to make sense and I as well enjoy that this Tradition believes in establishing a sense of Pagan Community. Blessed Be
Exactly Sparrow. I think being part of a tradition is the best way to learn. Starting off as a solitaire is great but imo there comes a time when you need "more." I checked out some other traditions but there seemed to be to much fighting among the members so I went the other way. I tried a couple ceremonial orders which was great, but my mind couldn't handle it lol.Especially the Enochian Order I was in.

The community here is wonderful, speaking of which, I have read some of your posts and replies...really enjoyed them. Love your insight on things.

I Appreciate your liking of my posts, I sometimes wonder If I talk to much I just sort of unwind and respond to things. It is my nature. It is My nightly release after work.
Some people are more shy and such and thats ok to.
Have Fun , This is a fun religion-Blesed BE
Nothing wrong with that. We all need a way to release after a hectic work day. WS is my release as well. I love reading the blogs, forums etc and doing my courses. I actually think I accumulating more classes than I can handle lolol.
I am in the 1st degree class but I have passed about 12 other classes.(I think)
I personally think Rev. Don is a great speaker for this tradition, If he did nothing else he would have been a good Teacher.

I do have some "Backed up" test taking to do but we will get there.

I came to the "Old Religion" through Astral Projection and talking to spirits , I was looking for control as I knew My Grandma was driven crazy by her Metaphysical experiences.

It is Funny that the more I explore Witchcraft the more Quiet and Normal and sane I become.
I agree, Rev. Don is a great speaker. I love watching his video's because he explains things in and easy understandable way. He would have made a great teacher as you said.

I just finished my first test on Tarot 101 today so have to wait for the next now. Still have a day or two before I can do the tests for the 5 Mystic Secrets, Magical names, cyber ministry and also my first test in the Mental Mediums group. Not to mention I just joined the Reiki Class last night lol. Think my brains going to explode!

When it comes to Wicca, I came to it after a spiritual search when the Christian path I was on was not answering my questions. When I did ask questions I was always told to never question God or ask why. That just didn't cut it for me lol. Like you, the more I explore Wicca and its teachings I find I become more peaceful, relaxed and secure in my path. Can't wait to see what lies down the road as the journey continues.
I agree I feel much more peaceful and less afraid of "The Other Side" The deeper I get involved .

And as I feel more peaceful it feels strange to explain this to My Mother who is Southern Baptist, She sort of ignores that I am interested in Metaphysical things.

Their is alot of fear in my parents Philosophy religiously and Politically.

I refuse to take on a fear based philosophy it is just not a good way to live.

To me the Goddess is that original thought or feeling you had of God when you were a little kid out in the woods, that original closeness to God before everyone told you what the strict rules were.

Whenever I return to Meditative practice , like a candle and Thank Goddess I always feel better.




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