i live with my mom and grandma, i have bi-polar and panic attacks and agoraphobia ( long list of things huh ) my mom is wiccan as well and tells me all the time i am not wiccan and i cant do anything magical because of all that is wrong with me, but i can do magical things. i just dont believe in myself anymore cause she keeps downing me. what can i do to make her understand how she makes me feel?

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First of all... nobody can tell you if you are or not "Wiccan". Second, there is a difference between being Wiccan and being a Witch. Third, You can not make your mother do or think anything.

Now, that I have that off my chest, while mental illness can impede the flow of energy for a person and interrupt intent, living with a mental illness does not automatically mean you are not capable of magickal workings. Although my formal experience is little, preparing for my first degree, my own personal experience tells me that what your mother is saying is untrue. I have yet to meet a witch who does not have some sort of emotional and/or mental health issue, including myself. We have all been damaged according to the mundane world in some way.

I currently have a beautiful relationship with two good friends. They adopted me over the Summer as their "sistah". We call ourselves the "Three Witches from Mac Beth". And, when the three of us get together, the energy or presence and working of magick is undeniable. I have heard these comments from observers. We are capable of great things and according to our elders, we have the potential to do and work powerful magick together. So, why do I tell you this?

Sistah #1 (me) - Dissociative Identity Disorder, PTSD, and panic attacks with bouts of depression. I was diagnosed with bipolar. I no longer carry that label.

Sistah #2 - Dissociative Identity Disorder, PTSD, and bipolar disorder. She has yet to be integrated. We have actually had her turn into a 5 y/o girl while in circle. She also has an altar named "Luc" as in lucifer. Yeah, he's joined us on occasion.

Sistah #3 - Borderline Personality Disorder and PTSD. I really can't say much about him... yes, him.

Together, your mother would say we would never be able to work magick. What do you think? Our coven would disagree.

You see, you are not your illness. You are a person and a child of the Goddess. That makes you precious. Your mother can not change that and what she believes or "understands" does not matter.


BB, Light and Love,

I have to agree with this 100%. Most of us Wiccans are damaged in many ways, some more than others. I'm sure that you are looking for some sort of approval from your mother, after all, many of us search for approval from someone, and our parents are the people we search for approval from the most. However, that said, I think that somehow you will have to find it within yourself to simply push that need away and accept that if she can't approve of you, you'll have to move on and accept yourself for who you are, what you can do, and leave it at that. It will in the end be her loss not to recognize the wonderful daughter she has!

I hope that helps a bit. I know it sounds so easy and yet is not. I struggle with the same thing. Not in a religious or spiritual sense, but just in the sense of wishing my mother approved of me and my lifestyle in general. It is what it is, however, and I can't change her or how she views me and my life. I have to live my own life in the best way I see fit, and so be it. Her views are her own, and that is that.

Hugs and BB,
jen :)
thanks jen u always give me good advice, u are a good friend. BB Pixie
You're very welcome, Pixie. I'm glad to hear that, and I hope that what I've said and shared can help you. I'm here for you if you ever would like to talk!
Hugs and BB,
jen :)
Heylo,How are you today? Good I hope.Well better anyways.. I am also mentally ill.Im sketzo elective.And I personally believe that my mental illness doesnt have any effect on whats going on with my magic.There totally two differant places in my life.I believe that I can do anything I put my mind to.ALSO dont let ANYONE I MEAN ANYONE down you.If you have to use it to make yourself better.Because no one defines who you are but you.
sleep within my angels
Great advise!
How sad and untrue what you are being told. This is all from ignorance and sometimes arrogance.
My daughter is 26 years old. I was told for years my daughters' illness was due to demonic possession, sin and on and on. My daughter has always been sensitive. She has so many special gifts and talents.
If you are available, willing, teachable, humble and sensitive, you are useable.
Merry Meet Pixie Princess,

I am sorry for you with all of your suffering. I have the same problems myself with the bi-polar and panic attacks. I am not so sure of the bi-polar even though I have been diagnosed. They say I have hypo-mania where I just get angry and hateful instead of a high. I am a student in psychology and have long been into metaphysics and the occult. I don't really believe in these labels. I think we go through things in life and they affect us and putting a label on it is belittling of how we feel. Perhaps you are a very gifted empath, psychic, or other sort of sensitive. Learn about yourself and become strong for you. Don't worr about your mom. Just give her whatever love you feel you have in a given moment. I know it sort of sucks not to have people seem like they care or are interested in your personal development unless you behave the way they think you should behave. That is one of the issues I am learning to deal with myself. May you blessed be! Aspen Gale
Well, pixieprincess1, your Mom is completely out of line. I have been Wiccan for over 15 yrs. I am a 1st Degree Priestess. I have delivered a baby, performed weddings and have overseen many spells and rituals. I have a 300 pg. Book of Shadows filled with my experiences.
I also have Bi-Polar Disorder, anxiety, depression. I don't have agoraphobia, but otherwise, we match up pretty equally.

I am here if you ever need to talk or if you ever need anything. Contact me at: magickofme@yahoo.com. There is no reason you cannot perform spells, rituals or any type of magick workings. Email me!




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