Not sure if it's my place but I thought I would sugegst an intro discussion area to get to know one another :) I see there are not many of us in this group yet but I am looking forward to watching it grow and and sharing with one another.


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I am Sinan. I live in Sandusky, Ohio U.S. I have been studying off and on for about 10 years but am just now becoming more activly involved. I am not sure if/what my gift/s are and would like any feedback someone could give me. I have been told I am a channel to the spirit world and did have many instances when I was a child but almost nothing as a teen or an adult. However, I can be a bit of a sceptic...can this block channels or even divination?
Hello all, I live on 47 acres of forest in northern Minnesota. I'm just starting to think of my ability's as gifts. I have the gift of sight. and there are many ways that i see. Dreams, by touching things or people. sometimes just a knowing. i hope to get to know you all and chat more
Peace to all
Hello again my freind. It's good to hear from you Harobed. I too can visualize by touch. Sometimes it gets very upsetting. I'm glad you joined the discussion.


Hello, Shian, That is a beautiful name. Sorry this reply is so late. I have been extremely busy this year. Skepticism is detrimental to all psychic awareness. Are these skills you wish to develop?

Facts About Me

My name is Marie Carew I have been a practicing psychic and Christian witch for over thirty years.

#1. I am also a vegetarian going on twenty five years. The reason why I became a vegetarian was my love for animals. After reading the Cleveland Amory book “Mankind” my life and eating habits changed forever.

#2. I have been the spiritual leader of my own coven called Humanity’s Universal Coven for over fifteen years.

#3. My gifts are as a singer, song writer, author, artist and psychic. I use my talents and creativity to promote and raise money for humanitarian causes such as Animal and Human rights and the environment. “Only through acts of compassion and humanity, will you find unity and peace upon this Earth. Psychic development means we must learn how to use our psychic gifts to benefit all humanity. Negativity is detrimental to the release of our psychic awareness. The proper way to use your mind is to keep it open to all things. If our minds are clouded by the opinions of others, we cannot fully develop into our natural psychic beings. Through the guidance of your own humanity you can heighten your psychic awareness and reach your rightful place on the species chain. It’s easy to do. All it requires is for a human being to take charge of their emotions and become in full power of their own free will.

Hear my original music at: and see my collection of witches tees at: Or my art work at: view my duet for the disabled at: www.harmony

Peace and blessings to all,

Visit my psychic sight at:
My name is Storm, a Druid, and I'm not sure what it would be/is called, but my gift, I would have to say, is the gift of "getting the sensation last minute that your current course of action will end terribly" and usually be right. Is a great "gut instinct" considered a gift?
Hello Storm, Welcome. All levels of awareness are psychic gifts.You say your gut feelings end terribly. Are your feelings always negative? I ask because when I started out as a psychic ALL my sensations were negative and all of them came true. Give an example.


The most prominent example I can recall is a time on a weekend night, when a bunch of us were hanging around between various "social hotspots". I was riding passenger with two other guys and a girl for the majority of the night. At one point, as we were heading to the car to head to yet another place, I suddenly felt chills and got a VERY bad "vibe" as we approached, so I looked at them and said I had had enough fun for the night (meaning I got in my own car and continued about my night). Come to find out the next day, a box truck with a sleeping driver jumped the median and hit them head on, killing one and putting the other two in the E.R.
I am so sorry for your loss. That was a facinating example you are a very gifted young man. I have been an instructer of psychic awareness for the past fifteen years. Your channels are open to medium work. Infact, that is what you should be consentrating on. My predictions are in the same line as yours. Bad feelinss that turn tragic.

Your gift of channeling will make you an exceptional investigator.

Peace and Blessings,

How can I explore this fruther?
I can give you heightening excercises to start but I need an e-msail address to take attachments my e-mail is


Mine is




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