So the last movie is fast approaching and really... it is the 'end' of the long running book/movie saga. It's crazy for me to think back at how many years Harry Potter has been so big and a yearly event in my life. When the first book came out, I was Harry's age. Every year a new one came out I grew up with the characters. It's pretty emotional for me now that the last movie is practically here.

So I want to know how you will mark it. Will you have a day long movie marathon? Will you read all the books over again? Have you sewn your own House scarf or received a Harry Potter inspired tattoo like I did? I would love to see pictures!

Also, how do you feel now that it's almost 'over'? Other thoughts? Did the series leave some special impact on your life?

The Deathly Hallows symbol with Dumbledore's quote "It is our choices that show what we truly are" on the inside part of my upper right arm. This is the first day I got it to mark the end of the series. Also, I like the deep meaning of the Tale of Three Brothers and the quote is something worth thinking on.

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Every once in a while, and very rarely something comes along like the "Harry Potter" series that so reaches deep down into the mental Psyche of the human soul that it makes an impact such as this one has and thus instantly becomes a timeless classic. As a older mature man I can only state that it came in my life time, and it enriched it more than I could have ever hope for. To my children, we grew up together watching the series unfold. To my grandchildren I have been the last few years introducing them to it. At some point my grandchildren will be grown, and my children will become grandparents and hopefully they can recall with as my joy the memory of this series as I have had with it. The books, the movies, the online sites dedicated to it shows that even as an adult of many years, the child in us never truly goes away, it just gets locked up and society makes us conform to what we are expected to be. So in respect to the quote; "It is our choices that show what we truly are" carries great thought and responsibility for the future as humankind, the way we treat each other, the truths that we support and stand for, the injustices that we stand against and the future that we procure for not only our generation but for those to come! Blessings, Rev. Michael

Thats beautiful, I knitted twin bed blankets of all houses, still own the Ravenclaw and Slytherin house blankets (since those two are my favourite houses) and Gryffindor was sold quickly, then 2 weeks later the Hufflepuff

A year ago the south was hit hard by tornadoes and my area was without power for 5 days. I had nothing to do, and being a Harry Potter fan, I picked up a stick and made my first wand. I've been making fine wands ever since and intend to start offering them for sale on eBay or my own site in another year, maybe less. I did sell a custom made water element wand to an acquaintance who asked me to make his 17 year old son a wand, and he offered me $50.00 for it without my asking. That's a picture of it as my avatar. It's a Wand of the Sea, with green suede and gold wire wrap with "seaweed" draped along the shaft, and clear glass "beads of water" all up and down it. The thing is, I have been busy making everyone in my family an elemental wand for their birthdays! The odd thing about it.....I was never artistic or the maker of crafts before. But I do well with these and it's fun! I make them longer than most wandmakers, averaging between 10-20 inches.




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