Using Flame-less Burner for herbal Recipes and incense for stress, Dreams and PTSD

Hey guys. Ive been around for a while and just usually just hang out and read other peoples stuff.

But i figured that i might share this if anyone is interested.

I am a combat wounded vet from the Iraq War and suffer from PTSD really bad. I have been suffering with flashbacks and nightmares for the past 5 years. We looked into herbal magic and all to help with it. I have found a few things that have eased it a bit one of the best things that i have found is Putrulli helps out a lot. But i found that it was risky to have a candle warmer burn at night when i fell asleep and also the tea lights would burn out too fast. So I and the wife looked into things and my wife actually found a flame less burner that we tried from a friend. I used it for about 3 months and low and behold dreams have scummed. Wife has tried other oils and concoctions for her stress relief and such and it works pretty good as well.

Well we started helping others in the area and those in our local coven as well and we thought about how to bring this to others. So we started a little shop. My wife opened a online store to offer these awesome burners to others with ease. So if anyone would like to check them out feel free and please pass it along to your friends she has worked so hard on this.

The burners are my main point of discussion on here but she also has a lot of really kewl fragrances that are offered as well. And there is a life time warranty on all the products if purchased thru her.

Also If anyone has any other recipes for simmering in a burner can you please let me know. I am looking for stress and anxiety, Libido, and some other dream recipes as well. Thanks

Here is the web site so please pass along:
Candy's Perfect Scents

Raven Storm

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