Merry meet everyone!
I have recently moved into Shawnee,Ok and have been looking for anyone near or in Shawnee who is Wiccan/Pagan.
I would like to make some new friends,and share interests as learn from one another about Wicca.
I'm somewhat new to this,but I've forever been drawn to Wicca,and I would like to learn more.
If anyone is interested,please contact me! :D

Blessed be all.

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I would hope that you meet others of like mind , Im about a hundred miles from you , but Im sure their are others around , did you look to see if their were shops in the area ? you might try witch vox . see what or if their is a metaphysical shop their if their is and they hold classes or gatherings you just might meet some interesting people their . Good luck

I did try witchvox,I didn't find anyone around Shawnee.I do believe there is a shop in Norman,OK.




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