Human Shaped Shadow People
The first and most common type of shadow
people are the human figure shadow people.
These entities are described as generally humanoid in shape and size.
Anatomical details
such as ears, eyes, nose,
hair and hands are missing from the description of these
asked, witnesses usually attribute a male
characteristic to these figures. The shadow form is semi-transparent and
dark. The duration of the sighting of this
type of
shadow person varies among reports but is usually stated as
between two and five seconds. In many cases
witnesses describe the sense of being watched, looking up to see if
someone is in the room and discovering the shadow
person observing them. Once noticed, the shadow person seems to flee
quite rapidly, sometimes traveling through
walls or closed doors.....

Black Smoke or Mist Shadow
The second most common type of shadow
person reported is that of the black smoke-like
or black mist experience. At first it may seem odd to label these
entities as "people" but in many cases witnesses
that have encountered these beings have described them as having
intelligent characteristics and reactions to
events. Strangely, many of the encounters with the black smoke shadow
beings have been associated with overwhelming
feelings of dread and malevolent, much more so than the experiences
are related to the human shaped

Hat Man
The Hat Man shadow person is a variation
of the human-like being described earlier.
While the experiences and description of this type of entity closely
matches that
of the plain shadow person there
are noticeable differences. The most notable and obvious being the
inclusion of a wide brimmed hat in witness
descriptions. The hat worn by this type of shadow person is described
variably as a having a brim the width of the
creatures shoulders.
In most other instances the description of this
creature mimic's that of the human shaped
variety. The Hat Man seems to exhibit a certain degree of curiosity
towards the witnesses involved in sighting it
or him, whichever the case may be.There have been occasional reports of
dread and paralysis associated with this
creature, but
to a much lesser degree than the black smoke shadow being.

Shadow Animals
This type of shadow creature is much less
common than the human shaped or smoke
variety. Sightings of these creatures have described vaguely animal like
creatures of a dark and semi transparent
appearance. Many witnesses have described these beings as being roughly
rabbit or guinea pig sized. These creatures
have been witnessed indoors and outside equally and exhibit some of the
otherworldly qualities
of other types of
shadow beings.Travel through solid matter and unnatural speed are some
the traits ascribed to these

Peeking Shadow People
This phenomena has been described as a
vaguely child sized, shadowy, human form which
appears to
peek around corners and quickly vanishes when noticed. Many
who have witnessed these mysterious shadow
forms describe seeing them through peripheral vision, out of the corner
of the eye. Like other shadow people, a
sense of curiosity has been attached to these creatures....

Red Eyed Shadow People
Perhaps the most frightening of all
shadow people experiences is that of the red eyed
shadow. This
form of shadow person is described as having glowing red
eyes which cause the viewer to feel paralysis
and extreme terror. They have been described as the embodiment of pure

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as a paranormal investigator I have heard many stories about shadow people. There are many times that I have seen shadow people but have never been able to understand where they are coming from and why do they not appear during the daytime. Many a times I have noticed a shadow people here in Fort Walton Beach at a place that we call the bottom. This is an area we have noticed in one house where the shadow people seem to act like they belong there as they are living a normal life. We have noticed these shadow people leaving from the bathroom into the kitchen and going into another room. But never coming into the room that we are standing in or sitting in. The shadow figures have been caught on film and on video camera by many different paranormal investigators. Which we all believe that these shadow people are entities caught in between worlds but living here as if they had never died.

Since I've been a kid, I've regularly seen a dark one that looks like it's in a cloak with a hood...It usually didn't go away when I looked at it. I'd see it standing in the space between the open door and the wall of my room at night...That was freaky.
Then one night when things were getting particularly bad. (More than just the shadow person was there)...I went to be with my mom in her room. She had to go run to the loo for a bit, and she left the light on so it would help....Sadly though, it really didn't. I sat on the bed, and looking straight at me, visible as ever was the shadow man...There was also a red orb thingy by it about 3 or so feet away. The shadow man was maybe 2 feet from the end of the bed. But anyhoo. The red orb thing wasn't solid...It was kind of wobbly and looked like strings of red light circling around a spot...pulsating too.

The shadow man just stood there, and then I don't remember too much after that...the both of us just looking at each other. Like it was waiting for something, watching me. Then there's just like a blank space there in my memory.
Then after that bit of blankness...I didn't fall asleep or anything. Mom was back, and then we were waiting until morning...I tried to close my eyes to hide myself from everything I was seeing, but in the darkness behind my eyelids the things were still there. Horrible monster things...Like all associated with the shadow man. Talk about no escape. Oh, I was being raised as a christian at that time, so we tried to pray and stuff, but nothing was working.

So, I tried to just find some sort of inner calm on my own, other than Jesus, and it worked.
I felt a bit better and then morning came.

At the breakfast table, I felt way way better...There was this really pretty blue commet looking thingy, with a white tail thing slowly moving around the table, the chair me. I didn't tell anyone about that...I knew it was good and safe. :)

Anyhoo, that's when I was a little kid, maybe 5-

After that night, that exact shadow man has always been there in my life...(I think before too) Watching me grow up, waiting for something. Sometimes its presence grows stronger, other times it wanes. But it has always been there.

When I moved to another town, it followed. Its stronger in some houses than others. The first house I moved into in this town...When I was about 9 wasn't too bad. I mean it was always in the shadows, and the basement and several rooms were worse than others. I think it was harder for it to materialize directly in that house. It'd be in another room as I walked by, in the doorway or something and I'd see it out of the corner of my eye. Or it'd be in a corner or dwelling in the shadows a bit...Like clogging all the normal shadows with its presence.

It's been in my dreams too...Like reaching out to grab me...It's kinda freaky. It's always the same one though, with the same presence. Then when I wake up from those nightmares it'd be standing in my room. Creepy.

The next house I moved to in this town was creepy in general.

The shadow man would be in my dreams more in that house than any other. One night, I was having a nightmare about it, then I woke up...Terrified. I turned over in bed. Flipped on the switch and pulled my knees up to my chest in bed. My eyes were drawn to the end of my bed, and creepily enough there was an invisble something crawling up my bed...Leaving imprints as it moved towards me...Yeah, i jumped out of bed and ran out of that room.

Another time I was sitting on my bed in the middle of summer reading a book. It was a still night, no wind, nothing. Everyone in my family was in the opposite side of the house.

All of a sudden I felt something. I looked up from where I was sitting on my bed. The lights turned off and my twin balcony doors slammed shut. So, I high tailed it from the room again.

I expected it was a prank, but no one was in that side of the house. There was no wind...the doors didnt' just shut...they slammed shut. Like wahbamm! Besides, there was that feeling I get when somethign strange happens.

Umn, also in that house I'd hear footsteps like people following me up the stairs. I'm pretty sure it was haunted. If I ran up the stairs the footsteps would wait a bit and then chase me up. I could feel a presence behind me. In the halls and stuff too. Also, I got an image of a little girl when I was standing right at the doorway of my room. I decided, I must have been intruding on her space...So, I decided to move my bed to the other side of the room. That helped a bit.
Then I sprinkled salt around my room and asked whatever was in there to peacefully leave. That worked for a bit, but whatever was bothering my came back.

There were times in that house that I didn't want to go in when I got home from school. I'd go up to unlock the door and there would be an awful feeling inside of me, like I shouldn't go in.

One time, I saw a shadowy like man (different than my usual stalker) dash away from the door (there was a glass window so I could see in) and dart down the hall Yeah, I didn't go inside until other people got home.

The apartment I live in now, is the newest one, and I really hoped that nothing would follow me there.

I was lucky for awhile, but eventually usual shadow man did. I went to walk down the hall to my room and it was standing at the end of the hall. It watched me for a bit, then disappeared. (Like it's keeping tabs on me).

It'll be there every now and then just keeping up on me.

I did more research on shadow men one night, and it watched me. I looked over at it, and it was kinda almost angry, almost amused at me...Every time i'd look away from it (back to the computer screen) and then look back, it'd get closer. So I abandoned that research and headed outside. I almost always feel better outside. Almost always.

I was walking to my boyfriend's (at the time) house at night. And it was like there was something following us. The shadow man...Like following, waiting for something awful to happen. It freaked me out a lot...It felt like it was following my and sucking out my energy and something else, stealing something away. I don't know...It was awful. (That was the most recent strongest occurence). Then after awhile, it went away and left me feeling awful...and messed up a bit. Then things were better for awhile that night...

Now, I'm at my grandparents house, and it's been in the shadows again...Ech...So yeah. There's me. I get stalked by a shadow creature...I call the shadow man. :P

Oh, often just before the shadow man comes theres usually a little creature that comes, or a feeling that's the same...blah. I call the little creature the messenger. It's ah...well creepy....Usually though, the shadow man has been coming more on its own...

Well, there's me...Comments?




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