excuse me sir/ma'm I just have a one big question about witchcraft..
is u guys christian?or mga kristyano po ba kayo? bcoz some people say that witchcraft is a sin.
is it really a sin? please answer my question nor add me on facebook.

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Most Christians who are Bible dependents/believers will say it's a sin 'cause it is forbidden according to the Christians-so-called-Holy-book. I was raised a as Church of Christ brethren but decided to follow my path. If you believe it is a sin, then it'll be an occurring sin to you.
hindi po kasalanan ang umanib sa witchcraft o ni paniwalan ang ganitong uri ng pagtatasa. opo kristiano po ako at sarado katoliko. ang tinatamasa po ng mga katoliko at ibang sangay o sekta ng kristianismo ay hango po lahat sa iisang ugat lang. halimbawa na lang ay ang uri ng pagdarasal ng mga hebreo (sephiroth) at pagguhit ng kabalah ay bahaging paksa sa witchcraft, eto ay naitago sa pamamagitan ng mga simbolo na sia mong makikita sa abito ng mga modernong pari. (mas malamang na hindi nila alam to) kung makakakita ka ng larawan ng sephiroth, isipin mong eto ay itinago sa kasuotan sa pamamagitan ng stole or vestment, ang hugis nito ay parehas ng larawan ng sephiroth. (mahabang kwento yan)

bakit ba naging makasalanan ang paniniwala dito?

ulitin kong hindi eto kasalanan, pero kung sino man ang nasa liderato ng panahong ang mga kapatid natin ay sinusunog ay siang may pinoprotektahang interes sa kanilang estado poder. sa kasaysayan, itinatag ang tribuna sa pamumuno ni Pope Lucius III na ang tanging basehan ay tsismis at sia nmang sinusugan ng mga ng iba pang papa Pope John XXII, Pope Gregory IX, etc. sa tutuong buhay ang mga nasunog sa plaza ay mga doctor at mga relihiyoso, dahil ang paniniwala ng mga naunang papa ay hindi daw dapat diniskubre ang gamot ng para sa tao dahil nariyan ang simbahan :) ang mga sinunog na eto ay mga kapatid nating bihasa sa kemiko at alkemiko. sa madaling sabi, kailangan mapanatili ng simbahan ang bureakrasya dahil ang simbahan ay isang malaking negosyo, at sa negosyo pinapatay ang ka-kompetisyon. oo nga naman bakit kailangan pa ng gamot kung may simbahan, eto ang kaisapang inukit nila sa bawat isipan ng mga naunang tao. eto ay isa lang sa dahilan kung bakit kailangan nilang tawagin kasalanan ang paniniwala dito (tulad ng nauna, mahabang kwento)

atin pong pakatandaan na ang witchcraft ay nahahati sa kung paano eto ginawa ng nagmamayari ng mahika :)

merry meet po.
@Leon. Very well said, it's entirely depends upon the witch him/herself. Blessed be. )O(
tama kapatid blessed be..
tnx po ...so hindi talga kasalanan ang witchcraft..hehe maraming salamat po sa inyong mga sinabi! merry meet po! :D
well there are many books in BIBLOS which is not compiled to the 66 books and 44 authors and some people who knows the real, absolute truth and has supernatural capabilities wants all the power to remain only to them because some are afraid that all people will get out of control if all people would recover the power and authority that has been given to the original Adam and that would eventually create a chaotic world if the power is in the wrong hands so that temporarily witchcraft(as written in the book of Deuteronomy) is considered a SIN because you are using the power of the other one at your own will and not GOD's will, remember the prayer: "Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven"? . But there is a very big but, and that is what Jesus said in some of the passages which clearly states that "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, move from here to there", and, "You can do far more greater things than what I did if you only believe". I think I've red that in the New Testament, I already forgot. Well i know these things because I've been there, done that, I mean, I am a Solitary Witch before and studied White, Black as well as Dark Magic and after that I shifted into School of Leaders 1 and 2 which I recently graduated and am now a Born Again Christian but I think it all boils down to these questions: and that is for one to know who is the SOURCE of power that you are using?, to what are you going to use it?, what will are you following? and are you using it to good or bad or for the betterment of everybody because the number one rule of WITCHCRAFT is "do thy own will" but "an it harm none" so you decide for yourself, what path will you choose because this mundane and physical world is the purgatory and practice ground and after that there is no longer a neutral ground and we only live once but after our physical body dies, only the soul and spiritual body remains, if you only feed your soul body, it is only limited to travel to distant galaxies but if you feed your spiritual body then you can cross dimensions and eventually meet the Prime Creator which is the source of all energies and in order for you to travel that far your spiritual body must not be burdened and heavy for how can you follow high orders if you cannot follow Earthly orders. Every LAW that is written in the BIBLE are only a test to see if we are really obedient or not, if we are not then we wait for the consequences but if we are then we wait for our ETERNAL REWARDS!. WE must not be DECIEVED by our superficial judgement for the time is near for never in a generation that all the PROPHECIES are obviously fulfilling, for it is already written: "when you heard of wars and rumors of wars and famine, calamities and pestilence, you know when the time is near".

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Bright Blessings! A lot of people see witchcraft or being wiccan as a sin because of the stereotype casting by the movie industry and other religions. Some people think of it as such because they are ignorant and other are afraid of things they know nothing or little about. Wiccans are ordinary people....and we believe in doing good and harming no one. I for one is ecclectic. I was born and raised as a Catholic and now that I have found my faith and true path I can incorporate the best of both religion. Try researching for the history of witchcraft and you'll understand that we are not evil.

hi to all.....ya know what, i am also a former christian, specifically catholic, and youre right, transferring to another religion is a sin according to the first commandment,,,,but why did i transfer??????? simply because we worship different names i mean god,,,,but it all leads to the same center,,,,hope this helps mp
Is it a Sin?

To be a Witch or to be a Christian?


May be... in the Point of view of a Christian let us define what is a Sin?

Sin means disobedience from the Law of God.

For a Christian... you have your Bible... where the law of God is Written...

if you do not follow it... then you will commit a sin!

For a Witch and Wiccans, we have the LAw of Nature...

and if we violate it... the consequence will be upon us.

In our Law... we do not discriminate... whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jew, etc...

Our Law said that we should love and harm None...

But in our Law it does not say we can not become witch.

Because being witch means Being Knowledgeable of Life.

That is why we are called Witch and Wiccans.

sa mga gremoire na nabasa ko, at sa pag kakaintindi ko, god forbid us to use witch craft or in general "MAGIC", because this is a great responsibility. He is afraid the his child might feel the hunger for power which will lead us to the hands of to devil. God loves us that's why he don't want us to suffer.




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