Greetings and Merry Meet to all. I think it's time that we introduce ourselves to each other. Let us know a bit about yourself, share your dreams, expectations and thoughts about Wicca. It doesn't have to be long, just as long as we show respect towards each other and no bullying or name-callingif you see someone's posting that don't agree with you. We're all here to learn and support each other.

Brightest Blessings.
Cerridwen Freya

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Guess, I have to get the ball rolling :D

Merry Meet everyone. I'm Cerridwen Freya, my mundane name is Maria Cecilia and friends call me Cece or Purple (for my favorite color). I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines until I moved to the US in '92 to practice my vocation. I have 3 other sisters, 1 is now living in Virginia, the other 2 are still back home in Laguna or Mandaluyong City. My youngest sister is also a PT and licensed here in Maryland. She's also been a long-time Bayanihan Dancer and have traveled the world competing for almost 15 yrs until she retired from Bayanihan last year to practice. Anyway, I've been a Physical Therapist for almost 19 yrs, retired body builder/personal trainer & a Relaxation Therapist for almost 4 yrs now. I'm also involved with the APTA's Political Action Committee for Medicare and Medicaid and trek through Capitol Hills to talk to my state's Senators and House Representative during advocacy week. I've invested a lot of time in advocating that it made me go back to school 3 yrs ago and finish my Masters in Healthcare Administration so I can also learn more about Ethics and the Law.

As for Wicca, I've read and researched it for almost 3 years before I made my commitment to the Goddess in Dec. 2010. I've read, and now re-reading some of my Wiccan books from different authors and still continuing to acquire more books to gain more knowledge and understanding about my chosen Path. One thing I've noticed is when someone asks me now if I was Wiccan, I don't even hesitate to say Yes, I am! I can honestly say that I've never felt that conviction when I was going to Catholic Church (born & raised by strict Roman Catholic parents--->did a lot of pagan-y things while praying to the Saints which is just the Catholic equivalent of the Goddesses and the Gods while we were growing up and calling them devotionals rather than rituals) or even when I was converted as a Christian and attended Bible School. What can I say, I just never stopped searching for the right one. Is it fair to say that I fit into Wicca and Wicca fits me?

My calling has always been in the Healing Arts and was always drawn to making people feel better, not just physically by hands but also emotionally and mentally that's why I've also studied relaxation therapy and will be taking up Reiki and Chakra Healing sometime this year or next year. Thanks to some of the classes I've been taking here (Living The Wiccan Life and Intro to Healing Arts) I'm learning to also keep myself healthy by doing the grounding and shielding and going deeper into both visual and creative meditation which had not been easy to me lately. I've just been so inundated with very sickly patients (physically in pain and emotionally or mentally tattered/exhausted or all of the above) that I'm absorbing more and more of the negativity around me unless I shield and ground myself properly. I'm also interested in Aromatherapy using Herbs, Oils and Incenses. I make my own herbal teas and use my hubby as my guinea pig lol.

I've chosen my magick names before I came into WSI when I picked up a few books about Goddesses and found that I may share some attributes to both Goddesses Cerridwen and Freya. The more I read and learn about them, the more I get close to them. I haven't devoted enough time to read all of my Goddess books yet, only book I finished was written by Dr. Shinoda; I checked the course offerings list and saw several courses for the different Pantheons/Goddess/Gods so I may just enroll on those classes once I get more free time.

Brightest Blessings.
Cerridwen Freya

p.s. If anyone has some time, I have a few scribbles in my Blog section, feel free to read any of them, even leave a comment. Thanks.
Greetings everyone!

I'm Shiori Tamara and this name has nothing to do w/ the craft. My witch name is compose w/ two words, both came from the Goddesses' but I chose to keep it private. Hence, Shiori Tamara isn't my real name either. Others thought I'm Chinese because of the name but I'm not though I can only count in Cantonese. Who among you can guess my real name even the first letter only?

I am studying the craft for more than 5years now, found it in the internet and bought a lot of Wiccan/Goddesses/Celtic Magick and other spell books. I am enrolled in a lot of witchcraft online schools and still hasn't focusing yet in any of the classes, meaning I didn't even finished the 1st degree yet. I was raised as a Church of Christ brethren and has chosen to follow my own will. My family forced me to undergo to Iglesia Ni Cristo's doctrines THRICE but they failed. Still the ministers are forcing me and visiting our house, pleading me to continue my doctrines so I will be baptized and "saved" before the Judgment day. I have many reasons not to go to. Sometimes when the catechists were in our house and preaching, I hide in my room or in our washroom so I'd have an excuse not to join them. Others kept calling me weird, freak and some names like that but I don't care. My mom used to say that I'm a Satanist, sucks right? I hate people who judges based from their ignorance, who wants them anyway? You may call me a Solitary, Eclectic or a Hedge witch. I am looking forward for a coven near me but still hasn't found any yet. Well, you know what they say, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

By the way, I am currently in my first year of college and once worked as a CSR afterwards an embalmer. Yes, I am a Mortician but I'm not licensed yet, I'll enroll in an embalming class after I finished my two years in Comp.Sci.

Until here, you may message me if you have any questions. Thanks for creating this discussion ate Cerri! =^_^=
Blessed be! )O(
Oops.. I thought Shiori Tamara is my name in this site, my bad! I use Shiori Tamara in my other witch online schools, now I'm discombobulated.. >_< Okay then, Sitti Cruise is from my other screen name, (I have a lot of screen names!) Chloe Tiffany so to make it shorter, from the first letters, C and T, I made Sitti and Cruise from my surname, Cruz. That's it! Redundant much for using "yet", another fail! >_/body>
MM Sitti. Don't worry about the slip up...your names are really awesome just like you are. Now my fingers are itching to have other aliases. LOL
Merry meet everyone.

Great opportunity really for all of us to get to know each other. My real name is Ma. Cecilia but I always use Redsiren even before I decided to be a wiccan more than 6 years ago. My husband gave me that name and I like it. I am a mother of two aged 16 (1st year student at UPLB) and 11(graduating in elementary). I am a stay home mom although a have a small farm that I manage. I live in Manila.

It was when I stumbled upon a book by Silver Ravenwolf that I realize my true path. Ihave always been fascinated when I was growing up about Tarot and palm reading and all about the unexplained. I like being on my own in the wee-wee hours of the morning alone. I am a seeker that is why I have gathered more or less a 100 books about the craft and other related materials.

My family respects my chosen path and have been very supportive. Both my children are being raised as Catholic. Until they are old enough to decide on their chosen faith.

Much as I like to really live a life of a wiccan through and through I can only do so much in my own way. Here in the Philippines it is very hard, You will be branded as evil (bless this people for they fear what they are ignorant about). And we have limited resources for materials needed for rituals. I just know in my heart that I am a wiccan and in my own way living like one. And I can never be happier in my chosen path. That is why it saddens me to know some people intends or decides to be one because of the power that comes along with it. Making them powerful than others, making them mysterious and scary (because of the spell they know) and getting their hands on different spells and rituals for their own personal advantages.

I used to take lessons at another Wiccan site. Now they have changed theirs to mostly discussion and other stuff.

It would be a blast to have a meet-ups for all the members. To help the newbies and share the knowledge and have a solid friendship to fellow wiccans here in the Philippines. And probably we can reach more people with the same paths as us who are scared yet to come out in the open.

Bright Blessings everyone.

Light and love,
MM, Redsiren. It will definitely be a wonderful idea for all of you back home to have some kind of a meet up group and make it somewhat a study group as well as just for socializing. I can get very lonesome for some people that aren't just practicing solitary but also being closeted witches. It's true that there are so many places here in the US to get books and items needed for rituals although, I encourage anyone new to the Craft that they can make their own tools or even use themselves to direct energies.

Anyway, we obviously have a lot of members here that need some basic info, e.g. we're not here to teach people how to "kulam" someone nor teach anyone "tricks". If you see anyone asking any question and you or Sitti feel compelled to answer them to the best of your knowledge, pls don't hesitate. I have directed members to read WSI's Manual as posted by Rev. Millie. There's a link for the file for anyone to read and use as a navigation tool for anyone but I'm not even sure if anyone's read it at all.

Anyway, if you can manage to get an actuall Meet Up group for Pinoys it will be great! Here in the US, there's an actual website called "meet up" if you want to do a search on it pls. do. Goodluck!

Brightest Blessings.
Cerridwen Freya
Thanks Cerri. At first, like Sitti I thought of not commenting but well it's getting out of hand. And we really have to put it straight to them that this site is for people who have chosen a different path and wanting to learn more and not a venue to ask for spells that can hurt another. Some people will really do something to get things like this to make themselves feel powerful. More like ego tripping. I just really hope that this is really their calling and they are just plain ignorant about what we are and what we do. Bright Blessings!
Greetings and Merry Meet to Everyone! I would just like to introduce myself... Well, my Craft name is Serenity Moon. I chose this name because eversince I was a child, I have had a certain affinity to the Moon. I feel so drawn to its power. Serenity because I have felt that upon embracing this path, I am finally at peace with myself. Anyway, I have been a practitioner of the craft for about nine years now.

As a child, I was raised in a very conservative Catholic family, studied in private Catholic schools run by nuns and priests from elementary until I reached college. Although, growing up, I already exuded an interest in the craft. I am also a bit clairvoyant at times and sometimes I could see or sense the immediate future. I have already felt the call as early as 16 years old but due to my catholic upbringing I was afraid of answering to it. Fearing that my soul would be damned to even consider such a thing. Things changed when I reached college though, that was when I entered some sort of spiritual revolution and I decided to research, study and learn everything about the Craft. At 19, I decided to pursue learning for a year and a day and on my 20th birthday I initiated myself to the craft. Currently I am a solitary but I would like to meet others who can provide me with more learning.

Blessed Be!

Serenity Moon
MM Serenity. I can very well understand how you felt being brought up from a conservative catholic family. I was brought up to be very religious and been ask even to be a nun. LOL! Well you have us. And I know most of the members here will help each other. And grow together. I am also a solitary wiccan....there seems to be no coven yet. And you are off age to decide what is best for you. Bright blessings! Light and love Redsiren
Thank you so much Redsiren and MM. I am glad that I found this site because now I know that I am not alone. Eversince I came out of the broom closet, so to speak, people kind of thinks I'm some sort of freak. LOL... It's nice to find persons who actually understand what being wiccan is all about.

Blessed Be! Have a great day!
Broom closet really fits....they think we use brooms to fly LOL. Fortunate that my friends accepts me although they still invite me to go to quiapo with them. Not that its an issue for I am eclectic and can incorporate the best of both religion. Just be who you are sweetie and they'll find a beautiful person inside out. Light and Love
MM, Serenity Moon. Nice to meet you and thanks for sharing with us. BB.




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