anybody right now who's really in a filipino traditions for rituals? or local pantheon? share some, because as i have observed, several filipino or new modern witches were applying western's. In my case, my craft are western's, but basically during rituals i managed to let it have accompanied by my own sense of decision. what about you? blessed be )O(

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Merry Meet, will. I'm Filipino but have spent half my life, literally, here in the US. I have several deities that I'm attuned with. Cerridwen and Freya are my Goddesses. I don't have a specific god deity as of yet. Whenever I do a ritual for Sabbat or Esbat, esp. I will also call upon the Gods and Goddesses that we're celebrating during that season or ritual. I also invoke certain Goddesses whenever I do a spell, the deity that is attuned to whatever my spell is intended for. This is the beauty of Wicca, we can be free to make our decisions as to whom we will invoke during our rites, as long as we remember our most important Tenet, Harm None.

Love and Light.
Cece aka Cerridwen Freya

Just read your message now. Im a Filipino residing in the Philippines. Shrine Keeper of Luntiang Aghama.

Currently involved in local Pagan Community Events such as United Pagans Philippines and Southern Manila Pagan Community.

There are still some local who call upon the old Filipino Deities... Such as Apolaki... and Dian Masalanta...

Apolaki, the Sun God... Dian Masalanta the Moon Goddess...




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