OK, to sum it up, there is a manager at work who has been harassing me and several of my friends.  I find myself filled with anger towards this person, and not just over her treatment of me, but moreso over her treatment of the people I care about.  My man works for the same company, under different management, and my good friend and fellow practitioner is also directly above me in the chain of command (since this woman is above her, it puts her in an awkward position). 


If it were a case of where she was just following company policy, I'd say OK, those are the rules and if you break them it's your own fault.  The problem is that there is no rule.  It seems like there are a few people -- all of whom were there before she was and have seniority in the company -- that she is gunning for.  It's aggressive and malicious, but very subtle. 


I want to do a working to counter her infulence in the office on behalf of myself and my friends, but I find that I am so angry I am having a real hard time keeping the energy clean.  I did one binding in the past, that worked beautifully and had neutral and reflective energy, but I was in a different headspace when dealing with that person.  This woman has me so worked up that I am having a hard time sleeping at night on the days she messes with one of us.  I don't normally hold grudges, but I find myself fighting the urge to flat out hex her.


My question, I guess, is twofold:


1.  If you end up pulling the energy from dark emotions like anger into a binding designed to protect others and yourself by reflecting someone's intentions back on them, is it polluted by the dark origin of the energy, or does spinning the energy into a positive purpose purify it?


2.  Does anyone have suggestions for a binding ritual that would help me to focus negative energy in a more positive direction?  I want to try and keep myself in a light space instead of trying to get this chick fired.


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Binding is not a good idea. You will bind this individual to YOU, even though that is not your intent. Do spells for protection. That will give you the results you are looking for.
I hadn't considered that, and it's a good point. Thanks :)
Anger is a gift to us from nature that allows us to know when things are wrong & need to be fixed. Anger in & of itself is NOT NEGATIVE energy. What you DO with the anger once it is with you determines whether or not it will become dark energy or light energy.
I have found that directing the energy that the person puts out back toward the person sending it is quite effective. That way the Karma of her actions will be activated & if it is positive energy reflecting back toward her she will be blessed, but if not she would bring the curses back upon herself.
I must agree with Lady Belladonna. Reflection is a great karmic balancer. On the other hand, would having her promoted take care of the problem as well? It often gives people a whole new set of things to worry about, and theres a good chance she will be distracted from what was her focus was in her current position. Just a thought.

Dave P
No, I don't think having her promoted would be a good thing. It would probably distract her and get her out of my hair to some extent, but she does not have the necessary skills to move higher than she is. I think I am going to do a working on the next new moon to reflect her energy back at her. I have waited a while until I am no longer furious :) just determined instead. At this point I am making a conscious choice to take action, instead of being ruled by emotion alone.

I appreciate everyone's feedback. I will be doing a working on Nov. 6th, and I'll post the results here when I see how it turns out.

Blessed Be :)
I would not suggest a binding of any sort for any reason as you never know what harm you could be causing. That being said you could try doing a cleansing ritual and keep herbs and minerals in your work space that keep away bad energy and spirits and if anyone complains (her) then you can file a complaint about her trying to keep you from maintaining your health. Especially if you find the herbs pleasant smelling ... not everyone likes the smell of sage for example but there are other herbs you could make a kinda of potpourri out of that should help. There are ways of dealing with things like this that do not involve harm, now being green or gray mentality, there are times where harm is specifically called for but it should be a last resort not a first one.

How about a poppet?

In making a poppet you communicate your problems with a person, and since it takes a REALLY LONG TIME it allows you to work out and burn up all of your anger and frusteration, especially if you have exaggerated feelings, it helps you consider all angles of the situation in direct dialogue actually communicating empathetically with this person- rather than hurting them. You fill the poppets so as - at least the way I do them- to encourage better behaviour in the subjects by using herbs and oils that help promote what they really need (like St. Johns Wort to help people who behave badly for depression...) and your own higher sense of responsability... (which results in you trying to take care of them... helping them and at the same time helping your situation) If it weren't 2 am I could explain my ceremony in depth... if you'ld like just ask

Hey guys, thanks for all the feedback. Here is an update on the situation. My friends andd I have had a break, because this person has been out on leave for the last few months. She just came back this week, so I am waiting to see if maybe distance will have caused some change in her behavior. Also, if anyone feels inspired to direct some energy my way, a new opportunity has opened for me at a different company. It would be my dream job, and I am qualified right now without further training, so I have applied. I really feel like I am supposed to be in this new place, and have been directing energy into my application to be noticed and contacted. I did hold off on any kind of binding in the situation I originally wrote about here. Your feedback has been very helpful in getting me to move past being angry, and in keeping me from accidentally tying myself to this person metaphysically, so thank you all! As the situation continues, I will keep posting updates. To Jeri and Rob, are there any specific herbs you would recommend that don't have a strong fragrance? I was thinking I could make a poppet and stuff it with herbs to foster calm, and integrity/honorable actions and attach it to the underside of her desk. I work overnight with very few people, so I can put something in her space without being observed.
♥)O(♥ Bright Blessings Melanie! ♥)O(♥

Be Very Careful About Considering Putting Anything In Her Work Space! ~~~ ALL Businesses & Work Places Have Security Cameras Always On... Covering The Entire Business & Work Space Whether You Can SEE Them Or Not! ~~~ The "Visible" Parts Can Be The Size Of A Marble & Be Hidden Quite Well So That The Camera & It's Lenses Are Entirely Not Visible. ~~~ A Poppet Or Candle Magick Can Be Done & Kept In Your Home. Any Binding Of Her Also Binds Her & Her Energies Close To You & Creates A Strong Karmic Tie Between You. ~~~ Please Never Use Anger Or Any Dark Energies Or Dark Emotions In Any Binding Or Spell! If You Want Any Situation To Improve ~ RAISE & PURIFY The Vibrations Within You & Thus Also Around You! Embody Light & Loving Healing Vibrations & Don't Allow Others Negative Vibrations & Negative Doings Into You. Meditate Positively Deeply Daily. This Is Magickal Spiritual Practice ~~~ Melanie... You Say That You Are Very Angry A Lot ~ Being Angry Will Always Draw Anger ~ Violence ~ Discord Into Your Life. Its A Vicious Cycle Of Like Attracts Like. ~~~ The Work Is Within. ~~~ I Hope That Your Dream Job Becomes A Reality! ~~~

♥Bountiful Blessed Bees!♥

♥)O(♥ ~~~ Magickal Hummingbyrd ~~~ ♥)O(♥ </:-)

Lavender is a very soft fragrance, and is associated with tranquility and peace. That ought to keep her calm.

I was in a similar particular position when I worked many years ago. First professionally what you can do is keep a diary of the incidents that are occuring I know this sound weird but it can be used in defense if you need to report for haressment. Know the other question, I meditated on my anger and why I was so angry, I realized that I was angry at not the person but the situation and how helpless I felt. Once i understood this, I was able to do a protection spell that not only protected myself but my co workers, or a witch jar is another way of doing it. I am not sure what others think but this is one way that I handle something many years ago. bright blessings

You have a good reason to be angry with that manager. Too often I've had problems with managers in the past that led me to quit jobs which left the issues unresolved, not to mention quitting kept me at the bottom of the chain of command everyplace I've worked, which is not a good thing. I've learned my lesson about non-action.
To take action, I would suggest that you first do a self-purification ritual to release your own negative energy into the earth and return it to you as positive energy after a grounding. Then you might choose to do a freezing ritual on her, which is not as severe as a hex.
To do this, you would begin your ritual in your usual fashion, then when you reach the part where you perform the spell, write her name on a piece of paper along with information about her, get it wet, wrap it up and put it in the freezer. A spell such as this is supposed to freeze a person in their tracks to stop her from harming you.




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