Hi all,
I created this simple charm to cast the circle and summon the elemental watchtowers in the interest of living in a confined and public space (barracks). I hope you find it of use in your spells and rituals!

"Blaze and tide and stone and gale
Blood and bone and breath
I summon the four corners of the world!"


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Lovely DD11! I'm all about being efficient...this simple charm is great!
You mention barracks...I assume (maybe wrongly) you are in the military?
Blessings to you...Happy Samhain!
Prior service in the Marine Corps. :) Thank you for your blessings!

This is great, thank you for sharing it and your service too. Blessed Be.

thanks I have to sometimes work in confined places as well.

and like Kaliopy said Thank you for serving in the military. bright and safe blessings
Thats great!! Thanks so much for sharing. Brightest Blessings!!
Thanks you much for this. Realy appreciated. Love and Light.
Very useful. Thanks for sharing.
when u said this did u say it at each corner or just once facing east
That is great... I moved some words around only cause I always start with East... Thank you for serving, as well as sharing the charm...




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