Okay, i'll make it a discussion.....how would you feel if you were a star child?

would a star child feel like thier parents aren't thier parents and do they feel like they don't belong here?

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I think it's important to denote exactly what a *star child* is and what feelings that expectation has when talking about this. I don't know if there is yet a definitive way of identifying one and the question of 'belonging' doesn't exactly make this discussion an easy one to begin with. I don't think we can even clearly identify who these 'star children' are outside of general theory...
Thank you. I'm still kinda confused, but i'm not going to dwell on it. There's this aligning meditation, i've tried it, but I don't think it worked ;(, unless i'm making it out to be more than it should be....lol. I'll scope it out more.

Do you mean "Starseed?" alot of us are starseeds, there are books and info out there....




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