1. Road Side pick up
2. Cleaning your local parks
3. Volunteering at a local hospital and or nursing homes
4. Adopt a Grandparent at a local nursing home.
5. Volunteer at a local food pantry (if there is not a food pantry why not start one)
6. Open a free store (Arkansas is doing this)

Reach out and touch a life!!!


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Thanks for the idea's!
You could also:

1. Volunteer at an animal shelter
2. Volunteer at a garden center or a plant nursery

I'm sure that there is and endless list of what you could do, but that's all I can come up with off the top of my head. :P
perhaps go to the schools and liebrarys, creat discution groups, give seminars
I've started a group that makes chemo caps for Pagan/Wiccan chemotherapy patients. If you'd like to join or have more information, please let me know - compassioncrafts@yahoo.com
Volunteer at your local Zoo, if they accept volunteers (Docents). BB, Crescent
why not creat an outreach group each for differents states hotline maybe someone to go to the prisonsand give people the opertunity




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