Greetings! I am new to this part of Witch School. Merry meet. My otherkin-ness is truly that of a unicorn. A winged unicorn, Abulus, has been present in my life for a long time. He is not a past life, he is a current guide and from what I can tell, young for a unicorn spirit. However, my Self is that of an older Unicorn. Her name is Abathia and she has wings and is iridescent white or purple. It is hard to tell. She's somewhat of a shapeshifter. I am in a loving, committed relationship to a Dragon. I am currently a member of

Soon, I will be writing some stuff for this website: per request and I am a member of H.U.S.H. and I am a member of the Unicorn Grove

Right now, I am a 28 year old woman, I have been a practicing witch for 13 years and I am unemployed as the bookstore i worked for died last june (I had worked there ten years). I have an art website: where I mostly do fantasy and metaphysical artwork.

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Why is it that the name Skylar just fits so well for a lycan?
I am fully human (so far) in this life, as far as I can tell, tho I seem to attract much cat attention as well as much horse attention. I actually seem to attract a lot of animal attention in general, dogs as well, really. I know that in a past life I was a horse named ShadowDancer. I lived in a primarily Elven world, where the Adrastai were very prominent. I have met my past life rider in this life, and we have found the symbols that were on my gear and her clothing here in this life as well. It seems she was a member of a royal house back then. Things were very different back then. She and I share many memories, and we know of at least several others who were alive back then, so we do believe the shared memories are real. I believe that some of my experiences then bleed into this lifetime, and that must be why I'm so attractive to animals, especially horses, cats, and dogs.

I really look forward to getting to know everyone else, and to determining if I am truly human in this life or if there really is something more to me now that I have yet to determine. I have always been fascinated with mythical beasts and drawn to them, so I've always wondered why that was so. I am curious to know if there is more to that than just a mere fascination, especially to pegasus. It would make sense to me that I was a horse in one life, and to be related in a similar form now, would it not?

Hugs and BB,
Jen :)
I think many otherkind may identify with another world. You brought up a beautiful point. Also, the world sounds lovely. It sounds like everything I have ever tried to draw. I have created a magical world called that I always have believed has always existed. My friends refer to it as "Sanctuary" (about a decade before the show), Tir'Rielle, Abathia or they simply know it as "first world." In addition to running D&D games there, I write stories about it. I post these things on Deviant Art sometimes, you can see my if you want to see pictures. You can see this magical world in the background of many pictures. I don't think these things are mere fascination.

To address why you are not a horse...hehe. Here goes.

Maybe it is something like what I have wondered about unicorns (I will go into it, since I identify any of the "celestial horses" with pegasi, unicorns etc).

First of all, some religions/traditions specify that humans can reincarnate into another species of animal.

People who undergo past life regression often relate "alien forms." these forms are sometimes in alien worlds, that can be described in unusual detail. These people often can describe alien forms that will be common to other people's stories, whether they have been publicly released or not. I read Journey of the Souls, and it was very interesting. I highly recommend it if past life regression interests you.

About the unicorns:

First of all, according to Diane Cooper, unicorns originate from their own planet. According to Diane Cooper, unicorns are flocking to earth to help it advance from a third dimension to a fifth dimension. She says they are not reincarnating in physical forms, but I wouldn't say she's the final say on such matters. Unicorns are very mysterious after all.

Some of our oldest deities are unicorn-people or unicorns. Just sayin. Even some deities display hints of an older culture, like Amalthea, the Greek Goddess indicating influence from the Minoan cultures. Unicorns have been influential since the very beginning. From Worshipping one horned antelopes to honoring horned people, to entire unknown "species of unicorns" that have been cited in texts or shown pictorially. This connection stretches back to our early ancestors who worshiped a sacred horned animal. Sometimes this connection is spiritual, sometimes sacrificial and sometimes they were just worshipping food sources. Its hard to say what they mean by addressing unicorns.

I have always wondered if the unicorn planet underwent a catastrophe, and the unicorns that were lower vibration reincarnated on Earth in different forms. Some of our neatest alien pictures are these cool alien pics with feathery heads and wings and a unicorn horn. Sometimes they are four legged, but sometimes two).
I am Kalliesto a dragon kin, Im kinda shy about this aspect of my craft I dont generaly see or hear of other kin very often
Welcome. I was like that initially, especially when I determined that I was otherkin not in this life but in another. That really turns heads. I understand the shy feeling, and the feeling of how you don't feel quite right in your skin, and how you feel like you don't relate to humans quite like you should. Even though I thought I was primarily human in this lifetime, I still question if that's the truth, so I'm still looking to find the truth there, too. But for now, I at least know one aspect of who I once was.
Hugs and BB,
jen :)
i am drawn to cats like black panthers. ever since i was a baby i've purred and meowed - before i even met a cat. at the same time i feel drawn to the night, vampires, and i don't mean to offend anyone by this but also blood. it's very odd for me. like the rest of me i don't know how to make sense of it.
Welcome Feyheart,
It doesn't scare or offend me at all. I think that we can't judge what we don't know. I think that it's interesting, and I think you have to live by what you feel is you. That is what we are here for, to gather and learn more about who we really are. I've always been drawn to cats, dogs, and horses, and they to me. It's just part of our makeup. You should explore all of you, but don't be afraid of who you are. You simply are who you are. Feel welcome here in our refuge!
Hugs and BB,
Jen :)
Nothing wrong with black panthers and blood! Yea! Sounds cool! Anyway, I love black panthers :D I purr and meow to communicate all the time, but I was raised by a big orange kitty. As for blood and vampires, ever since i saw the Lost Boys as a kid, I have been the same way!
Nic/Nikki here and I also am a lycanthrope. I also hold a vampire presence who feeds off sexual energy who also goes by the name of Jean (French pronunciation). Also, I have recently found another being stashed away in here. I don't know his name and he has only let me view him entirely about a week ago. I know he is a fallen angel, from the Great War, and either is or knew Lucifer very well. I am not going to say he is Lucifer until I know. That could just start a whole lot of drama.
Wow, I am sorry, but you chilled me with the last part of what you were writing. I too have had a similar vision. I once saw a flight of angels, I have even written of them. My Ebonwing Story is about it. You are welcome to check it out if you'd like.

Anyway, on the other point, be careful. Keep your mind about you and don't let your vampiric nature hurt those around you (in fact, I am sure it can be trained to be a useful skill).
Hello, I'm Siobhan and I am a Snow Leopard therian...I am not quite sure what the difference between a Lycan and a wolf therian is...but hopefully someone can enlighten me ^_^ I always find my therian side to be interesting because I'll act a lot like a cat but also like a wolf so after a lot of meditation I realized I was looking for a leopard which happened to be Snow Leopard specifically. I am not sure if my animal side has a name or not though I know the names of two of my past lives, Aidan and Johann. It's sort of complicated to keep separate but worth it for the help they all provide through their memories and voices.
Oh good, as I was reading through these posts, I was afraid I'd be the only therian here. I am Andrea, but I'm also known as Shadow, call me whichever you prefer, and I am a black panther therian. Oh, and Siobhan, to answer your question most lycans believe in complete or some physical transformations while we therians do not physically transform. That is in our spirits/souls and our demeanor. I found out about my therian side roughly 4 years ago. I would've never been able to deal with the fact or my difficult changes without my good friend Andrew, a wolf. Though I'm a cat, I seem to attract a lot of wolves. Funny, huh? My best friend Crystal is also a wolf. Anyway, I have been a practicing witch for about 2 years. Any other questions, feel free to ask.




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