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Witch School leaving Rossville,
Seeking a new future in ‘The Witch City’, Salem, Mass

Rossville, IL(October 26th, 2009) -- Witch School Headquarters are closing in the Rossville-Hoopeston area of Illinois. Witch School settled from Chicago to Central Illinois in 2003, and became the center of protest by many of the Christian Churches in the area. A well-documented spiritual battle has been waged for the last six years, with open hostilities and long quiet truces by various Christian factions. Simply put, this has not allowed Witch School the staff and resources needed to keep up with their growth. On Halloween, Witch School Rossville will close permanently, and Witch School will be moving its HQ to ‘The Witch City’, Salem Mass.

According to Ed Hubbard, Founder and CEO of Witch School, “The Churches are not the cause, they are a symptom of the problems in rural areas, and that is the lack of useful educational resources. While the United States Urban areas have been undergoing a communications and information revolution, the Digital Divide between those areas and places like Rossville IL, which has very few Internet carriers, all very expensive, and very undependable, has continued to grow. Our Internet provider has terrible customer service, and been down as much as a week at a time, on a regular basis, and we use the same one the city government uses. Also attempts to provide computer training and employment saw pressure on participants to quit and boycott the business. The Churches believing that they were ‘protecting’ the community, have rejected and blocked several attempts by Witch School to improve Internet Service in the area. So it has become necessary to find a place where we can get the online access and staff we need to continue our growth.”

Grown they have. At the beginning of September when they began their 9th year in Education, it was announced that became the most trafficked Pagan website in the world according to Independent Ranking site,, an Amazon Company. Since they began Witch School has added many new features, and tons of information to provide to the public, and relevant information for even the most experienced practitioner. The Witch School site has evolved from a simple school to a global educational community with hundreds of thousands of participants in as many as 147 countries worldwide. The number of features are truly too many to list, but includes a .Library, Downloadable Book of Shadows Pages, Booklets, a Nightly Radio Show called ‘Pagans Tonight’; over 500 self produced Magick TV videos, as well as many community videos and photos, group listings for everywhere in the world, and extensive blogs, forums, multiple chat rooms, and a community dedicated to providing anyone, anywhere, anytime a magickal education. It becomes easy to forget they have a core education with over 100 online classes, which provide an excellent basic education in Wicca, Magick, and metaphysics.

”It’s heartbreaking to leave the area, my home,” says Rev. Don Lewis, Co-founder of Witch School, and Chancellor of the Correllian Nativist Tradition, “I really wanted this to work in Vermillion county, where I and the Tradition were born. My family has been here a long time. Unfortunately, I have a commitment to the whole tradition and to the school to do the best possible job I can in teaching and providing spiritual support. That commitment, a covenant between myself and our members to provide a lifetime of education, leads me to be aware that Central Illinois is not a place where we can continue to build our community, virtually at this time. We have to move in order to continue to survive and grow to fill the needs of our members.”

However, this will not be without adding to the anguish of the local Rossville-Hoopeston community as five jobs currently, and at one time as many as 11 jobs, are now leaving the area. It is unclear how many, if any of Witch School’s employees will relocate to The Witch City. This also forces local Correllian and Pagan groups to scramble for new locations to practice and teach. It will be a more closeted community once Witch School departs, as the churches believe they have been rewarded for their continued prayers, and will deepen their discrimination against local Pagans. There is little question that the local Central Illinois Pagan Community will be dramatically impacted by this move. Witch School has stated that it will do everything in its power to continue working for a more open community everywhere including Central Illinois.

So as Halloween arrives, also known as Samhain or Witches New Year, Witch School plans to create a new future, leaving Rossville-Hoopeston behind, and hoping for a better day in Salem, Mass: ‘The Witch City’.

Find out about their plan at

For more information about Witch School staff, please call 217-799-1013 for either Salem or Central Illinois.




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