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Comment by stephanie franks on June 11, 2012 at 2:17pm

it has not been easy and it still isnt but u learn to pick your battles ....i have been perscuted for BUMPER STICKERS on my car! i took one of my daughters to the local farms market to buy fresh fruits and flowers and vegis and this man with a little girl started screaming at me calling me all kinds of names and i was stunned silent (rare for me) then my 9 yr old daughter(whose was goin through catacism at the time bcuz i allowed them to chose their reliogion and she is catholic) anyway my daughter yelled back at this man MY MOTHER IS NONE OF THOSE THINGS U PURITAN LEAVE US ALONE! which broke my silence and started laughin and turned to the gentleman and said FROM THE MOUTH OF BABES THE TRUTH SHALL BE TOLD ISNT THAT PART OF YOUR BIBLE and we walked away......i wear a pentacle and really dont care what people think although when that same daughter had her first daughter i went to visit and her boyfriends mom is religious so my daughter asked me to remove my pentacle she said she understands my religon but she didnt want to have to debate with her boyfriends mom (whom my daughter worked hard to get this woman to like her and it was my first time meetin this woman) so i picked my battle and out of respect for my daughter i removed is hard i know but i am to old to care what people think and i dont hide the fact and i have had people ask and i answer but im not gonna stand there and arque with someone you wont sway their beliefs and they wont sway mine

Comment by TINA MARIE HOFFMAN on June 11, 2012 at 9:06am

I love all of your photoes! How did you get by in life with all the judemental individuals and the ones who criticized you? I am going through that now, but I just want them to understand that WICCA is not satanic!



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