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Valgandr's Discussions

Challenges Faced By All

Started this discussion. Last reply by Valgandr Mar 25, 2011. 6 Replies

"This 3rd Density universe will pass away, and eventually that which is above it, 5th Density, will pass away also; along with those that are dead and those that are living. Consider when you…Continue

Wiccan Reader a challenge

Started Jan 12, 2011 0 Replies

Who would volunteer to read and proof my new Earth Religions Encyclopedia??? A free copy to you if you will proof it for correctness and grammar and provide me a report by the Full Moon in March. Let…Continue


Started this discussion. Last reply by Daniel Michael Nov 29, 2010. 27 Replies

It is said by the prophets that the next age will arrive by 2013, that this age just happens to coincide with a galactic change in ambient frequency placing our solar system into a new level of…Continue

Recognizing the Nature of Creation Let you know Yourself

Started this discussion. Last reply by Laramie Roush Oct 31, 2010. 4 Replies

We have all heard the phrase "all is one." You can find versions of it in Sanskrit on Tibetan temple walls. You can feel it in the ancient greeting, NAMASTE. You can read it over performance stages…Continue


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Valgandr replied to Valgandr's discussion Challenges Faced By All
"Indeed Wiccan Angel, our Mother Earth is going through the final stages of giving birth to a new age, yet more than the birth of the Aquarian age we are entering space that will push us into a new level of existence due to the higher ambient…"
Mar 25, 2011
Valgandr replied to Valgandr's discussion Challenges Faced By All
"Greetings Fantumofthewinds, I was most interested in seeing how you would relate to modified interpretation of the 2000 year old saying of Yeshua where he says "This heaven will pass away, and that which is above it will pass also; and they,…"
Mar 24, 2011
Valgandr replied to Valgandr's discussion Challenges Faced By All
"Well, DICK'S 4TH DENSITY DINER is the only place with cheese on the burger and they got meteor malts but if ya gotta have grease sticks and a shake ya're gonna havta go to the Quake Cafe, tell Piper I recommended it and she'll give…"
Mar 23, 2011
Drakill Tannan replied to Valgandr's discussion Challenges Faced By All
"I... don't get it"
Mar 20, 2011
Valgandr posted a discussion

Challenges Faced By All

"This 3rd Density universe will pass away, and eventually that which is above it, 5th Density, will pass away also; along with those that are dead and those that are living. Consider when you consumed that which is dead, by doing so you are making it alive again. On the day that you go into the light, what will you do? On the day when you were as one, you became two, self and Higher Self. Yet when you realize that you have become two, what will you do now?"
Mar 20, 2011
Valgandr replied to Daniel Michael's discussion Pagan/Wiccan/Witchy Afterlife
"So you shall give up your shell and become a celestrial traveler again. You shall be free to ascend and know the Heavens again. Indeed, that will be grand - just don't forget freedoms just another word for nothing left to loose - and in truth…"
Mar 14, 2011
Valgandr replied to Daniel Michael's discussion Pagan/Wiccan/Witchy Afterlife
"Ah... Atheists - unlike sons and daughters of the Holy Roman Church who subscribe to the awareness that they are banking on having one lifetime in order to prove themself worthy of making it into Heaven or NOT. The Atheist is banking on the belief…"
Mar 14, 2011
Valgandr replied to Daniel Michael's discussion Pagan/Wiccan/Witchy Afterlife
"Greetings John, Indeed, "why does God..." as you begin to suggest - ALL IS ONE - Creator does not interfere in the process of lives and lessons otherwise it would be interference in and against the exercise of FREE-WILL. Interference in…"
Mar 14, 2011
Valgandr replied to Daniel Michael's discussion Pagan/Wiccan/Witchy Afterlife
"Well, Sparrow, like most folks here the sense I get is that reincarnation feels to be generally the process that which I call our individualize essences goes through. I see the physical form as being like a self maintenancing space suit developed…"
Mar 12, 2011
Valgandr posted a photo

Mr Snakey and I

The Ball Python left at home by my son enjoys getting out of the cage and having a look around.
Mar 12, 2011
Valgandr replied to Serena's discussion A Criticism of the First Degree Lessons
"Greeting Larry, It is indeed, as always, a pleaasure to read the wisdom you share. Yes, many scholars not tighted to the purse strings of the Vatican know of the books attributed to Paul yet in some cases fabricated long after his passing such as…"
Mar 11, 2011
Valgandr replied to Serena's discussion A Criticism of the First Degree Lessons
"Greetings Larry, it is a blessing to read your words again. Ah yes, the Roman Paul, he actually spent a short period with the cadre in Jerusalem. Yet Paul was, in the view of several very what we today would call 'hyper' and without a…"
Mar 10, 2011
Valgandr replied to Serena's discussion A Criticism of the First Degree Lessons
"Greetings Larry, Perhaps the Roman Paul did benefit from the relatively brief meetings he had with the inside group in Jerusalem and the teachings of equality that Yeshua spoke reached his ears. Never the less, under Rome's handling women were…"
Mar 9, 2011
Valgandr replied to Serena's discussion A Criticism of the First Degree Lessons
"Greetings Tauri, Well done!!! Indeed, it would appear that that book religions are fallible, including those of the Correllian Tradition. You are very correct – does it not seem that too many people find history their thing to do with it what…"
Mar 9, 2011
Valgandr replied to Brittney Marie Garcia's discussion Help
"Greetings Brittney, I hear your pain - yet it is not some much a spell you need as your permitting yourself to be a channel for bringing in healing energy. I know you are feeling loss and the chaos that comes in the wake of losing a loved one. And…"
Mar 8, 2011

Profile Information

Are you a Witch School Supporting Member?
Indeed I am
What Experience in Paganism/Wicca would you like to share?
Long practiced - long remembered - electic tradition - of NORSE and SAXON blood - privileged to be within the 'Circle of Many Tribes' with the energies of Horus and Isis by my side.
What is your Age

My Spiritual Background:

I received my first Tarot deck in 1968, the Witch’s Fortune Cards. And that same year I began my study and practice of the Diannic Tradition. I continued with joining the metaphysical and eclectic Church of Religious Science as a youngster. Within CRS, I studied traditions from the Far East, India, and ancient cultures into the 1970s. By 1972, I was doing professional Tarot readings at the request of others. And in the same period co-host a spirit-group that was developing skills in mediumship. From 1974 through the remainder of the decade I worked in a supportive role of the American Indian Movement and learned sacred traditions from their Lakota shaman/medicine person (Western USA). In the decade of the 80’s I come to be recognized as a crystal worker performing healings and past life sessions for others. Along with my continued studies of Wicca, symbolism, Kabbalah, and ancient cultures (including Egypt, Greece, Maya, and India), I studied and practiced shamanism. In the late 90’s my attention included the study of ancient Gnosticism. Thus with good reason I claim an extensive knowledge and background in Metaphysics, Gnosticism, Shamanism (Native American - Lakota Tradition), and Wicca. For the past two decades I have taught crystals, channeling, psychic defense, past life work, and metaphysics.

Geographically, my home base is in the Pasadena area (Los Angeles County) at the Foothills of the Mountains of Archangel Gabriel (San Gabriel Mtns) and within the historical kill zone of a direct hit on the Jet Prop Lab. My most recent vision/spirit quest was to the Great Trees of the Sierras and the Californias Central Coast of the Pacific [there are plenty of pics posted if you wish to see].

As to bloodline through my great grandmother, Grace Kofoed, I am a direct descendant of King Gorm, the last pagan Viking king of Danmark. I am his 31st great grandson and 26th great grandson of King Erik the 1st Ejegod of Danmark. And on my grand father’s side, Max Ehlig, the family is Old Saxon, historically of the region near Dresden, once the center of the Saxon Empire.

Be well and blessed be - Now and Always,
Valgandr, son of Danmark [Dana Carl]

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At 4:07am on March 3, 2011, Magickal Hummingbyrd said…

♥)O(♥ Bright Blessings Magickally Poetic Valgandr! ♥)O(♥

I Have Many Things I Could Share With You About The Powerful High~Vibrational Enchanting Magicks Of Hummingbirds! ~~~ They Are So Pure & Wise & Live On The Nectar Of Ambrosial Fragrant Flowers! ~~~

Hummingbirds Can Stand Perfectly Still In Flight & Fly In Any Direction Without Turning Around! ~~~ Hummingbirds Embody The Sweetest Pure Divine Love ~ Joy ~ Ecstacy ~ Blessings ~ Wizdom & Healing & Vibrate With The Highest & Purest Vibrations ~ Their Wings Vibrate So Fast That They Become Invisible! ! ~~~ Hummingbirds Are Multi~Dimensional Travelers & The Best Spiritual Guides & Mentors! ~~~ They Are Extremely Etherial & Take You On Journeys Into The Highest Astral & Spiritual Planes!

*** Those Humans Who Harm Hummingbirds Are DOOMED! ***

♥Bountiful Ambrosial Divine Honey~Comb Intoxicated Buzzing Blessed Bees & Hummingbirds!♥

♥)O(♥ ~~~ Magickal Hummingbyrd ~~~ ♥)O(♥ {This "y" Spelling Of My Name Makes It Numerologically The Powerful Psychic Visionary Mystical Magickal Master Number 11} ~~~ ♥)O(♥ </:-)

At 3:14am on March 2, 2011, Magickal Hummingbyrd said…
♥)O(♥ Bright Blessings Valgandr! ♥)O(♥

You Are A Being Of Deep Wizdom! ~~~ Thank You For Your Lucid WONDERFUL Response Comments On My Profile Regarding My Questions To You In Reply To Me In The "Healing Old Wounds" Discussion! ~~~ I Have Not Been On Witch School For Several Days {Daze} ~~~ I May Not Be On Here As Often As I Was Previously. There Are Valid Reasons. ~~~

Do You Have Facebook? ~~~ Come Listen To My First 2 BlogTalkRadio Test Shows! Friend & Follow! *** http://BlogTalkRadio.Com/WitchesOfWizdom ***

*** Perhaps We May Converse Via Phone Or Skype? ~~~ I Live In California Too! ***

♥Bountiful Blessed Bees!♥

♥)O(♥ ~~~ Magickal Hummingbyrd ~~~ ♥)O(♥ </:-)
At 10:56pm on February 19, 2011, Magickal Hummingbyrd said…
♥)O(♥ Bright Blessings Valgandr! ♥)O(♥

I Read Your Reply In The Discussion "Healing Old Wounds."

Methinks That You Must be Aquainted With The*♥Andromedians♥ & The ♥Pleadians♥
~~~ For You Quoted Them: "The Love Which You Withheld, Becomes The Pain Which You Will Carry." This Is What They Oftentimes Tell Other Beings ~ Especially The Violent & Greedy & Destructive & Materialistic Unevolved Ones Of The Human Species! ~~~

But, The Andomedians & Pleadians Certainly Do Not Pamper The Abusers & Evil Doers.
Their Karmas Will Be Reaped In Full. This Is The Spiritual Law Of ALL Universes.

I Am Certain That You Are Aware Of Alex Collier?

♥Bountiful Blessed Bees!♥

♥)O(♥ ~~~ Magickal Hummingbyrd ~~~ ♥)O(♥ </:-)
At 2:07pm on December 7, 2010, Scarlette said…
Hi~ Thank You for being my friend. :)
At 10:17am on December 7, 2010, fantumofthewinds said…

Thanks for your support Carl it really means much have a good day my friend
At 10:13am on December 06, 2010, fantumofthewinds gave Valgandr a gift
BB Carl , This day I give you a GIFT and may it bring forth Blessings the whole year through MP
At 5:26am on November 23, 2010, fantumofthewinds said…
That is why I posted my forum , which did not last to long , as people are closed mouth here and do not share their understanding of these things , Love , as the rev. posted and the girl in the film to bring love, I had to laugh, for Love has always been with us. So what of this change ?As for the Ark, we in reality simply do not know for it has never been found and I suspect that it never will tablet or scroll , that leads to questions as well, where did the paper come from ? he did not go up their with it ? stone well possible, since he was a master builder. but only the second set. did these things ocure at all ? I have my theo. on that as well , as most I suspect in that area was volcanic and I suspect the mountain was as well and perhaps he breathed a little to much gas as in many of the greek Oracle stories , but we cannot prove this because its still to this day forbidden to climb, but Im sure the land scape would have indeed been different some 7,000 years ago. As for Free will, the mind is always' free ' to' think', its the ' actions' of putting that ' will ' in action that can reek havic , restraint possibly , but I would think that their are those that need this, as least from looking at our world, since so many's free will reeks havic on others, and some have very little restraint at all [ if you get my drift ]. so quite possibly this to was the way it was some thousands of years ago. But in reality I think he Moses took the works of the DEAD and transformed them as these too are written in the Book of the Dead in Egypt only with the words' Have Not'
and surly he would of known this as he would have been the next King , and where their are masses their must be foundation and this is the setting of rules, laws, decreed, proclamations, creeds, and what ever else might we call ' law ' at that time commands.
At 4:38am on November 23, 2010, fantumofthewinds said…

Thanks You Carl have a good week BB
At 6:09am on November 22, 2010, fantumofthewinds said…
I would not say that ? I would however have worded this a little different , these are called different things throughout different lands , weather decrees, weather commands, weather law, when we are dealing with [ masses ] the first thing that any governing body does is set down laws or rules, this must be established if not their their is no way to weed out the just from the unjust just as in our world today. To me I take theses as [ OUGHT NOTS ] in other worlds if we break the law we bring a hole load of worms upon the self and what we do causes effects upon another and others and etc..... It like we say here " Harm None " , we could attribute this in our short phase, to mean the same thing. for if we were to look at these logical , we would see that each of these in turn causes a negative repose. so within " Any " tribe their are rules, sometimes perhaps called laws or decrees , other wise how would one deal with the masses and such large bodies of peoples in one place ? their would be total chaos , their must be " foundation "
so the first things established are these or we have NOTHING to build on weather mundane or religious. BB
At 5:34am on November 22, 2010, fantumofthewinds said…
Thanks so much m I came upon these but I wondered why so many names ? and which one was his bio. name so that's why I asked, perhaps the others were nick names as we sometimes give our kids today . So it was his mother who named his Moses and not the Queen ? interesting. As for the 10 I have my own theo. on this after all moses was a master builder and I suspect that's why it took him a very long time to carve these. thanks for the info very helpful have a good week MP



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