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Thyroid therapy from Mother Nature.

Did you know that as many as 200 million people across the world suffer from thyroid problems and that nearly 50 percent of them go misdiagnosed? This shouldn't come as a shock because the thyroid is still somewhat of a medical mystery. This reversed butterfly looking organ is located just above the Adam’s apple in your throat about an inch below your jaw line. So what exactly does a thyroid do? A thyroid plays a key part in regulating the body’s metabolism and the rate of speed that the…


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got the book of shadows today i ordered, it looks very nice.

also got a crystal from the owner as a thank you gift.

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finished lesson one in ltwl, took test.

passed it barely.

hope i do better with next lessons.


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Update :)

This is just a little update of life :) Charles and I have moved to West Memphis, AR and we are going on 4 yrs together <3 Charles is going to be graduating from his first two years of college and will be starting at the University of Memphis in the summer :) I am a stay at home GF right now and I can't complain :) Well that is pretty much it lol I did get to go to AZ and see my BFF and my newest niece :) I'm still reading a lot of different books and I have been slacking a bit on my…


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Grand Opening!

Trinity World Oasis www.trinityworldoasis.netGrand Opening Contest! Want to win 50% off your first order? Go to the website and registrar as a new customer and your name will be entered into a drawing to win 50% off your first order!!!!!!!!!!Drawing Ends and name will be announced 05/31/14!!!

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Tonights Ritual ALone

I once again stood alone for ritual. I stood for those in need of healing. I ask you, is there not one hour in your busy life to turn towards each other for the sake of others? With a multitude we can do so much more. Together hand in hand we can create the better life for ourselves as well as others. Why must our ritual leaders stand alone every single week?

I understand we are witches. I understand that we have this solitary tendency to go things alone and to be self sufficient.…


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365 Tarot Activities Book Excerpt

Here is an excerpt--one chapter--from my recently released "365 Tarot Activities" which is available at all online venues.

The book is over 300 prompts and activities designed to help readers connect with, understand, and learn Tarot.


Some Tarot or Oracle decks may have only animals or only objects or symbols. But if there are people in the pictures you can bet they have significance. When learning Tarot or becoming familiar with a new deck it is…


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nice thing

Just found out that i got some $$. Used it to get something called a book of shadows.

found a nice one , and i got it.

am planning to get other things slowly and as i go.

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" Through the eyes of Native America "

Our Native brothers and sisters lived in a world of symbols where the spiritual and the common place were indeed one. To our world today symbols are just words most empty in nature . To our Native brothers and sisters that they are part of nature , part of the self or their selves , the earth , the sun the…


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skyping into the final frontier

just installed and signed up with skype.

dont know if others offline i know at home are signed up, not telling them as this is for instructors, mentors, friends and learning via this here, so it to them is *CLASSIFIED*.

that meaning it is for mentors , instructors and friends from wsi, and extremely close friends from fb.

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starting , or jumping in with both feet.

am starting to take a course here called living the wiccan way.
very interesting, very unique first course.

did one of the exercises and had a rather enlightening and very unique wonderful experience.

also got a mentor named anna. hope i get to meet her.

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new beginnings

Heres to a new beginning here, learning everything, being the best in what i choose, embracing all things, and also having wonderful friends to boot.

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2014 Book Signings

Made a flyer for my 2014 book signings. New signings may be scheduled as well so check my site frequently. Hope to see some of you there!


If you can't make it to these signings you can still get an…


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Oh honey, honey...

Honey has been used in many different ways over the centuries. Some of these ways include being used for beauty treatments and medical uses. The ancient Egyptians used it as a salve to treat wounds and Cleopatra used it for many of her beauty products. Hippocrates even went as far as to recommend it as for optimal health. Of course though honey isn’t for everyone some people are allergic to it that’s one of the reasons that it shouldn’t be given to children under the age of two. If you are…


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The Amazing Aloe Plant...

Amazing Aloe Vera plant, oh how wonderful to my health you are. The benefits of this desert thriving plant do seem endless. Evidence of aloe and it's medical use has been found as far back as 1500 B.C. Aloe comes from North Africa where it is referred to as "The plant of immortality." In ancient Egyptian times it was used to treat burns, infections, and certain types of parasites.

Many studies... have been conducted to find out just how helpful aloe can be. One study in 1930 found that…


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De-Stress yourself...

Everyone needs some personal time to de-stress but maybe there is more to the process than a day at the spa. Stress comes from inside long before it starts to show on the outside. There are so many factors that come into play yet go unseen. Here are a few easy ways to help your body let go and relax.

Keep calm and stop worrying yourself to death over small stuff. Be more focused on solving the bigger problems in your life. When you worry it's stress and some studies have shown that…


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Gemstone Elixirs Video and Reference Guide...

I have made a video for making your own Gemstone Elixirs and also made a handy reference guide which I included in this blog...

For the video click here:

Gemstone Elixir video

Gemstone Elixir Reference Guide...

Gemstone elixirs are very…


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Where did the time go?

I wandered away. I'm back, and surprised to see how much time has passed.

I had just begun to get interested in Witch School and my studies here when I had to tend to my partner, who had developed a terminal illness. It was a long, difficult path and now he is gone. I thought of Witch School, logged in . . . and see with a gasp that I have been away for more than two years.

So I will begin again at the beginning.

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365 Tarot Activities will be in a giveaway and the Reader's Studio 2014 Tarot Conference!

My newest release "365 Tarot Activities" will be part of the Giveaway Bonanza at the 2014 Readers' Studio conference in New York. There will also be some promotional literature available so if you attend and don't win the book, pick up some info about my titles and me and where to order copies of "365 Tarot Activities."

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Autographed copies of 365 Tarot Activities available!

Visit to purchase autographed copies of 365 Tarot Activities through Paypal.

Please allow me 4-6 weeks to get them mailed out, but generally it only only take 2 weeks. I can go international too. Shipping charges do apply for domestic or international.

If you can't pay via Paypal send me a message and we can work something else out.

If you do purchase a copy, I'd appreciate a comment, a review or some other feedback, thanks!

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