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A Look at a Possibility: Eaves (e) as Virtual Social Currency

Eaves (e) as Virtual Social Currency

Concept: That Empire Avenues Social Media Exchange produces a Virtual Social Currency, fueled by a algorithm, that values relationships in cyberspace, and creates a virtual currency backed by real work in the social media world. That this currency is called Eaves (e) and it is the first currency, which can extend the cyber economy, by creating a fair and organized way of distributing them. This currency if combined with portability, mobility, and… Continue

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(I'm a little behind...)


The practice of loving-kindness is a specific meditation practice that can be use both to develop concentration and to develop the quality of kindness. The following instructions are taken from "A Path With Heart" by Jack Kornfield. (Bantham Books 1993)


"Begin by repeating the following phrases over and over for 15-20 minutes once or twice daily in a quiet place for…


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To Help A Friend, Or To Not Help A Friend, That Is The Question

ok, so... I hav a feeling that one of my friends is back on drugs. I've tried to do everything in my power to keep her in a helthy state. She was 6 months clean. I though she would make it the rest of the way and stay clean for good, but apparently not. I'm just not sure what to do anymore. Do I try and help her again and risk my own health, or do I cut one of my best friends out of my life for good an keep my self away from the negative energy? I just don't know…


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A Hymn to Lilith

I call unto the Lady of the Night

The Succubus, the Queen of Hell's Delight

Night-Mare of Eden, Lamia, First Eve

Lilith, in whom I trust and believe.

Oh, Wise Woman of the Wilderness

Oh, Maiden who disobeys to redress,

Witch-Queen of Midnight in sensual dress,

Who rules over man and his carnal flesh.

She who deserted the Garden of Light,

Who ran into Darkness and found her own…


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