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Lesson 2 Essay: The Crone

The Crone

In modern pop-culture, the Crone is seen as both Wicked Witch and Fairy Godmother. I believe that this is a concept not very far from the truth. The Crone, as the aspect of the Goddess, is the elder wise woman with knowledge of all magic.

In First Degree Lesson 2, Reverend Don Lewis describes the Crone as “the Great Sorceress” and “the Hallowe’en Witch.” For many, the Crone is the ideal…


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U.S. Court decisions:

Some court decisions which have recognized Wicca are:

An important ruling of a state Supreme Court was in Georgia: Roberts v. Ravenwood Church of Wicca, (249 Ga. 348) in 1982. It was similar to Dettmer v Landon, below.

The District Court of Virginia declared in 1985 (Dettmer v Landon, 617 F Suup 592 [E. Dst. Va.]) that Wicca is "clearly a religion for First Amendment purposes....Members of the Church sincerely adhere to a fairly complex set…


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The Social Pagan: First Blog

The Social Pagan

Having been known as Ed the Pagan in the Internet world for almost two decades, I have become the Social Pagan, reaching out across Cyberspace and The connected world, to bring insight and advice to my tribe, dynamic and global.

For all who wanted this blog, here it is, and I will do my best to provide insight that I am uniquely qualified to give. After all, few get the opportunity to see simultaneously the Social Media World and The Pagan community, and… Continue

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First Degree: Reading Chapter Two

This is really about Lesson Two; what the goddess means and her attributes according to wiccan tradition, and made thoroughly informative and enjoyable to learn. Personally, the goddess was missing from my life, brought up as I was in the Christian faith, and because of this, there was much in lesson two that unsettled me. What really brought home the message of a female Creator was "Aradia: Gospel of the witches" published by C.G Leland and spoken about in the text. It mimics the highly… Continue

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First Degree: Reading the Introduction

I think the two sentences that struck me the most, in the Introductory chapter, of the First Degree Text is: "The Correllian Tradition...stresses..the synchronicity of all spiritual paths." and also, "We believe that Deity is in all things, therefore, all paths can lead to Deity." That's pure gnosticism. I like it.

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First Fruits of the Harvest

The morning sky

hangs out the gold kimono

worn by the moon.


in red sumi ink ~

field poppy.


Tiger lily

peeling away from

the heat of the day.


Libertine summer

skinny~dipping in her own

blue lakes at sunrise.


We are clouds

in no rush

to fill

the easy blue… Continue

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Outer Court Acceptance

Greetings everyone,
I just completed the lessons for First Degree , passing with an A . I submitted my application for Outer Court membership and was accepted , I think I am going to relax for a while to let everything sink in . Then I will be furthering my studies in the Correllian Tradition. I am very proud to be part of the family now .

Brightest Blessings,


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