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Update for the site: Gypsie's Cauldron and a blogpost too!! lol

We are here to say that we have made some changes to the site. The Tarot Card readings are now free for the fist one. This is only going to be good for a short time to experiment to see what response I get from do so. Blessed be this Imbolc, and hopefully all are doing something for this holiday Sabbat.

I love these times cause they bring some very fond memories to light,and remind me to be stronger than I have ever been before. This year, 2012, is supposed to be a year of success and…


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What do people harass me telling me to explain myself to them like they are the Lady and Lord?

I dont know who these people think they are, but they are making me mad. i was on the chat, and i said does anybody here work with the saints, because i had a question and i wanted to speak with someone who knew a bunch about the subject. and these people (for the second time) start harassing me and telling me that i should explain my beliefs to them and why i care about the saints, and do stuff with them. Its like excuse me? they keep on yelling "ITS A CHRISTIAN ORDEAL ! A CHRISTIAN ORDEAL!" i… Continue

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Daily Reading for Wednesday, 26 January, Year 11 Aq.

Wednesday January 26

Our reading for today is:

Seven of Cups



Our first card is the Seven of Cups which suggests illusions or misunderstandings about the situations we face: we need to take a closer look at our situations and… Continue

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Wolf Meaning and Totem Symbolism of the Wolf

To understand totem wolf symbols, one must first understand the heart of the Wolf. This takes time because the Wolf has had to endure many false stereotypes, misconceptions and misunderstandings.

Not at all the picture of ferocity or terror, the Wolf is a creature with a high sense of loyalty and strength. Another misconception is that of the “lone wolf.” To the contrary, the Wolf is actually a social creature, friendly, and gregarious with its…


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A bit on tarot cards.

My interest since the past couple of years has been in tarot cards, astrology, occult knowledge and practices.
I am not expecting others to believe or view my interests the way I do. Just reading this article from the start
till the end, will make me thankful to my reader for his effort. The tarot cards comprise of 78 cards; out of which
22 form the Major arcane and 56 form the minor arcane. Each card is relevant and integral in its own way.…

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Looking For Photo’s and Biographies of Witches & Wiccans

Looking For Photo’s and Biographies of Witches & Wiccans

We are beginning a new museum in Salem, Mass. aka The Witch City, called the

World of Witches Museum. Being put together by Don Lewis, it will be a place to

explore Witchcraft and Magick through the ages, and focus heavily on the

contemporary community. Further Rev. Lewis wants to explore and make people

aware of modern issues of discrimination, witch-hunts, and other situations…


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Bath and Body Works Fires Manager over Pagan Beliefs

Here it is! My family and I have moved our purchases over to LUSH which is owned and operated by Pagans.

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The world as I see it today and how we as Witches and Pagans can make it a better place to live in.

With the Mayan Calendar coming to an end that is upon us, the world as I see it as a Witch is in need of some real work, not only on the spiritual level, but, all levels. If we as the third largest religion in the United States and the fastest growing religion in the world, why aren't we stepping up, looking past the politics and the rhetoric of the world's leaders and become leaders ourselves? As Witches and Pagans, when we cast our circles we invoke the four elements that we hold so very… Continue

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Harry Potter not the founder!

Turning evil into good and visa/versa has been going on since the 60's on television and far earlier than that in books and oral stories.Wheather or not it's the handsome/beautiful vampire or the mild mannered postman/baby sitter, Harry Potter is not a cornerstone and should not be made one if it could be why isn't The Wizard of Oz up there with the patriarchs? I don't know a single christian that hasn't seen that. I have a very unique perspective on this issue because I am a Christian Wiccan.… Continue

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