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" Excellent Human Experience "

It is this day that I tell you a Tale, a story to draw from, so wont you read along ....

It was that a angel searched the world and it indeed saw many things , and on its journey it was impressed with a man that was…


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Frequently asked questions on Tarot: part one.

Frequently asked questions on Tarot: part one.

What are Tarot Cards? What do they imply?

To me the 78 pack of Tarot cards imply a book; a book which represents life. It’s emotions and every possible experience that any human soul is bound to go through in his or her lifetime. Each card represents a tapestry of emotions. Through a narrative; which is visually enriched: In the form of pictures. The cards are classified into Major Trump and Minor Trump or the elemental suits. The…


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The cards of separation in Tarot: part one.

Emotional separation is an important experience in life. It shows us the nadir of our existence. A phase where we feel as though we are stuck-up in sinking sand and there is no way out for survival. It also makes us appreciate and respect any good experience that we come across post that phase. The suite of Swords: in the pack of Tarot cards. Is one elemental suite; wherein most of the cards denote or imply emotional and human suffering.

The three of Swords is a card ruled by the…


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The Plight of Wizards and Warriors; A Modern Calling of Might and Magic

"He had a cloak of gold

And eyes of fire

And as he spoke

I felt a deep desire

To free the world

Of its fear and pain

And help the people

To feel free again..."

- The Wizard, Uriah Heep

I first really chanced upon this song by hearing it covered by near legendary German band Blind Guardian. I don't suppose that's really how to begin this though, if there even really is a way to begin such a thing.

It's a bit chaotic, but… Continue

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Conversations on the end of the World

- You've been out of contact for a long time.

I had a dangerous assignment.

This is hostile territory.

- I've noticed.

- I was hoping I could reason with them.

I'm afraid they are not a reasonable race.

I've been living amongst them for seventy years now.

I know them well.

- And?

Any attempt to intercede with… Continue

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