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52 Weeks For Religious Freedom Begins Today.

Today, Friday September 9th at 9 AM marks the beginning of our 52 Week period “Stand Up For Religious Freedom”. After today our time for observance will shift to Saturdays at 9 AM and 9 PM. We will keep to this schedule until the closing day on September 9th 2012 which will fall on a Sunday.

We are urging as many people as is possible to spend some time during these days in prayer and meditation focusing on preserving religious freedom in our world, and in overcoming intolerance… Continue

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Spiritual Tools For Inner Transformation. Sight: Seing The Need To Change.

What follows is the first in a series of articles I am writting for our Word Press Blog "InterFaith InterPeace". The articles deal with a variety of spiritual tools I consider to be important for any kind of deep Spiritual growth. The first tool is that of Sight or Insight; being able to first see the need to change ones self. Hope you enjoy and Blessed Be...Ralph

Tool 1: Sight: Seeing The need to change.....

For the next several weeks I will be doing a series of articles… Continue

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ABC Reports Animal Sacrifices in Florida as being Witchcraft!

About two days ago ABC reported that a box containing the bodies of several headless animals was found just outside of a Florida prison. A "religious expert" and ABC as well have been quick to conclude that the work was that of witches performing some dark and evil deeds! Witches and Pagans have been denouncing this error in reporting. Below is a link to a blog post I submitted to Word Press expressing my views on the topic. Please feel free to look it over and tell me what you think. I… Continue

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What's Love Got To Do With It? Re-post from Word Press Blog


What follows is a blog-post from "InterFaith InterPeace" which I have on Word Press discussing the Great Commandments restated from the Jewish Torah by Jesus in the Gospel according to Matthew. I am reposting here to share a train of thought I still cultivate in my daily life. Please note I am not attempting to convert Wiccans or Pagans to Christianity. My aim here is to try to convert Christians to the teachings of Jesus, where ever possible. I might add that some of what… Continue

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Breaking The Cycle Of Violence

Talk about leaving differences behind! Yesterday I read a story online about a man (Rais Bhuiyan) who was shot by a white supremacist (Mark Stroman) in a hate crime following the Sept. 11 attacks. Mark Stroman shot and killed two men (both Moslem) and seriously wounded Bhuiyan, shotting him in the face and putting out an eye. Now after several years spent in recovering physically from this attack, and in growing spiritually as well, Mr. Bhuiyan is working to save the life of his attacker who is… Continue

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Green Energy Request for Joplin Mo.

The rains have abated for now here in Wheatland Mo., and sunny skies are begining to appear. But we did not get hit at all as bad as did the people of Joplin Mo. on Sunday when a massive tornado destroyed much of the city leaving over 100 dead and many people injured. Please remember the people of Joplin in your thoughts, prayers, and rituals over the next several days as they continue to clear away the wreckage to build a new future.

Blessed Be,


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Inner Peace: The Root of All Peace.

In our groups on FaceBook and Google promoting InterFaith Peace and understanding I have been talking about outer peace quite a bit. But as many wise people understand, outer peace does not just magically appear out of nowhere. Outer peace emerges from a true inner peace cultivated in the hearts of those who seek it. One simply can not force peace into their outer world while maintaining an attitude of anger and hatred within their own hearts. We must be at peace with ourselves before peace… Continue

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I just having a cup a caffe and my husband done made everymorning for me !!. i always call my blessing cafe from his hand ; you got to know him < HE its BEAUTIFUL > ; indeed . well rejoicing its always i do and sorrows or happines , love have be the first thing to me , let it be done and his well .; the well of my father in haven and my godess , watching for all of us here on earth!. first thing first we all never forgat before and after i go to bad or gets up from my bad maditation… Continue

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Can't We All Just Get Along?

I remember these words from Rodney King several years ago, "Can't we all just get along?" They still ring true to me. It seems after all these years we still have trouble getting along with one another; one race and another, one religion and another. Is tolerance between these groups and others possible? I believe it is.

Heydi and I have recently started a group called "InterFaith InterPeace Study" which is an attempt to get common people from the worlds religions talking to one… Continue

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